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Dragon And Sleeping Beauty

Just something I made out of bored and tired...
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Follow your dreams fellow dragon!
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kind of reminds me that Haruhi anime where the solution was explained as "sleeping beauty" lol. it is anice drawing. 
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Once again, excellent art work Vavacung. I would not mind seeing a second part to this art, but that is just my opinion. Don't push yourself too hard on my account.
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Never mind, you already made another one. Well done on both.
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Technically yes if he's descended from royal dragons
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Kiss her and find out! :D
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Sure...if his father is a king. Otherwise you need to find a blue genie to make you a prince with a wish.
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every first generation of kings where ... peasants... so yea he can as long as he start to rule yet refuse the title of king and get called prince instead (like Queen/King is poorly seen in Equestria[Crystalis,Sombra,etc] and royalty use the prince/princess instead]... So it is feasible...

Or he just have to grow a pair of pony horn and pony wings and become a prince...cess... or something
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aaaaahhhh......the pony on the bed.... did rarIty and fluttershy just had a daughter? XD 
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I like it and more pretty please?
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Well now, that's adorable and smile-worthy!  And I now want to read/watch that story.
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... part two please!!!
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Kinda want to see a fic of this done.
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Oh now this is an interesting idea nicely done here.
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"Is it possible for the dragon to be a prince?"

There's only one way to find out...

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oh my god That's Spike XDXDXDXDXD
This is amazing I love it.
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And then these two appear:

Shrek the Halls - Mad Shrek Icon  Shrek - Smile Donkey Icon 
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Wonderful little tale you did here. 
the only thing besides color that could make this better is if it could get turned into a mini series.
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