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[Crazy Future Side Art] The Life Of Train Masters

Shiro is day time train's conductor and kuro is night time train's conductor of Twilight Kingdom's train. Sometime they just sleep at their house in Kingdom. But sometime they sleep on the train. They are twin sister who have same body color, Hair color and even same cutie mark. The only thing that can tell them apart is their cloth and mane style. (Kuro's hair is smoother than Shiro)

Kuro/Shiro Character card =>…

PS. Alternate version can be found in Patreon
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WAIT! With "Alternate version" you mean "alternative version"?. I mean, "Sexy version"?.

If I wasn't clear enough, "CLOP FAP LESBIANS HOTTIE HOTTIE version"?. With 3 X next to the title?
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They are so cute :)

Also, looks like Kuro doesn´t use the sleeves of her jacket xD
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I smell Pokemon reference...
Man do I love these two!  Especially with the whole black and white conductor coats, just like the Subway Boss's from Pokemon Black and White.  (But of course these two being more adorable!) :D
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Isn't that the pokemon conductors in the unova?
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Wait, are these the train conductors in Pocket Monsters? In the Isshu region?
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They remind me of the Subway Bosses from Pokemon Black and White
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Aww i love these two ever since i saw the character card. T
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Oh my god theyre so cute i cant even :3 i have a soft spot for twins lol my Oc has one :P
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They look so adorable!
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Shiro is my favourite of the two, then. 
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Like the celestia and luna of the trains :  )
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Oh my Gosh!!! YES!!! The Train Masters from Pokemon Black & White!! Oh I'm sooo happy to see this! (I'm a BIG fan of Pokemon, and especially the BW games and anime that got me into the series)
Even though this is obviously inspired by them, you still came up with your own version of the clothes' design! Awesome!
Now I request an artwork when they're climbing down those stairs from that train station underground in the Best Wishes season 1 finale (if you've watched the anime) :D That was my fav moment because of the rearrangement of that end credits BGM from the games that played then.
Oh, and nicely done naming them Kuro (Black) and Shiro (White), another reference to BW!! ^_^
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Persian Sleep : "As a cat I understand and pity Shiro because she cannot sleep under the sun on a daily basis."
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They look so cute X3 
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Sunny and cute
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