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Crazy Future Part 62

"Your sister always cared you, Rarity"

Shipping and Descendant Warning :
Spike X Rarity(Nightmare pony) = Sparity(Daughter)
Pinkie Pie X ??? = Super Surprise(Descendant)
(Spifire X Soarin) X (Daring Do X Ahuizotl) = Aerial Ace(Descendant)
Big Macintosh X Fluttershy = Apple Eden (Descendant)
Twilight Sparkle X -- Top Secret -- = Alternate Dawn(Son)

Alternate Dawn Card Collection =>…

Warning : This story takes place 100 years after Rarity dead. This story base on season 4. So anything that happened in season 5 will have nothing to do with this story.

Warning : This story's an alternate universe and is really crazy at times. Futa-spell or the magic that can make female pony impregnate another female pony doesn't exist.

Warning : a lot of 4th wall breaking and referencing. Sharing universe with "To Love God - To Love Mortal" but in the future and more crazy. *You don't need to read "To Love God - To Love Mortal" to understand this story. It's just have many Easter egg for that story here.*

If you confused about chronology of this story, You can watch this timeline to help you =>…

English Editor :


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Are we ever going to see this Owly? Perhaps I’ll find out within the next 139 pages.

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Yes they can.
The MLP ponies can, in fact, eat eggs. They are not herbivores, they are vegetarian omnivores.
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awww........ rainbow cry Cry run Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] Miuna Crying Icon Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 1 Bunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4] Tears of Joy Rainbow Dash (cry) plz Panda Emoji-23 (Cry) [V2] 
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why are you referring sweetie's descendant as "they"? why even bother hiding the gender?
77madman's avatar
Stop saying descendent, it sounds freaky. And we all know that sweetie belle had stage 9 intensely aggressive schizophrenia
Hellshooter's avatar
Then Suddenly, feels
cornershot's avatar
Sweetie bell thought shed come back? I thought everyone thought she was dead?
Wait0wat's avatar
I swear if they treat Owly like Jarvis in iron Man...that be awesome...right?
OtomostheCrazy's avatar
...Now I'm thinking of a certain avengers movie.
Mulgorath's avatar
Now I'm just thinking of a robot owl.
Mulgorath's avatar
I was thinking of an Owl Vision.
Yami-Marik93's avatar
I feel like her castle is like JARVIS
vavacung's avatar
Actually. It's Glaods. 
Yami-Marik93's avatar
Oh, i got the feeling of Jarvis since Iron Man or maybe Sarah from Eureka. But oh while. like to see what other characters u got
77madman's avatar
I can see it know, sweetie in her bed with her daughter holding her hoof.
MoonStarEeveeBlue's avatar
Seriously where is Owly?:-? (Confused) 
ChaoticNote's avatar
He's the Crystal Tree's AI.
MoonStarEeveeBlue's avatar
Wait....WHAT HOW IN EQUESTRIA DID THAT HAPPEN!?!?!?!?!?!??!Disbelief OMG 
ChaoticNote's avatar
You really want an explanation?
MoonStarEeveeBlue's avatar
Well yeah. :eager: by darkmoon3636 I'm really Confused about this.
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