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Crazy Future Part 46

"Romance Novels for adult..."

Shipping and Descendant Warning :
Spike X Rarity(Nightmare pony) = Sparity(Daughter)
Pinkie Pie X ??? = Super Surprise(Descendant)
(Spifire X Soarin) X (Daring Do X Ahuizotl) = Aerial Ace(Descendant)
Big Macintosh X Fluttershy = Apple Eden (Descendant)
Twilight Sparkle X -- Top Secret -- = ???(Son)

Warning : This story takes place 100 years after Rarity dead. This story base on season 4. So anything that happened in season 5 will have nothing to do with this story.

Warning : This story's an alternate universe and is really crazy at times. Futa-spell or the magic that can make female pony impregnate another female pony doesn't exist.

Warning : a lot of 4th wall breaking and referencing. Sharing universe with "To Love God - To Love Mortal" but in the future and more crazy. *You don't need to read "To Love God - To Love Mortal" to understand this story. It's just have many Easter egg for that story here.*

If you confused about chronology of this story, You can watch this timeline to help you =>…

English Editor :


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Don't open this door !!! It's the Pandora's Box !!
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omg nsfw not safe for work not safe for woona

srry luna u cant go
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Oh god! No Sparity, it's a Trap!!
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Hahahahahaha, NSFW section in twili's library.
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"not safe for woona" lool
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it is mistake or do I miss another spoiler because

I thought it is grammar error, but it is written as LiBARY
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guess I have long lines...
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Is it just me, or does that look on her face in the last panel suggests that she knew about that section already?
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NonononoNONOOOOO! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ooh, adult section! XD
Also, Woona! X3 I love Luna! XD
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:iconwoonaplz::iconsaysplz: Well, fine then! LOL
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>collection of /mlp/ greentexts
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OOOOHHHHH, Now I'm curious what's behind That door..
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You spent "Library" wrong. Just sayian
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Sparity x Twilight's son coming???
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Its all good if these romance novels are well written.
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