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Crazy Future Part 40

Shipping and Descendant Warning :
Spike X Rarity(Nightmare pony) = Sparity(Daughter)
Pinkie Pie X ??? = Super Surprise(Descendant)
(Spifire X Soarin) X (Daring Do X Ahuizotl) = Aerial Ace(Descendant)
Big Macintosh X Fluttershy = Apple Eden (Descendant)

Warning : This story takes place 100 years after Rarity dead. This story base on season 4. So anything that happened in season 5 will have nothing to do with this story.

Warning : This story's an alternate universe and is really crazy at times. Futa-spell or the magic that can make female pony impregnate another female pony doesn't exist.

Warning : a lot of 4th wall breaking and referencing. Sharing universe with "To Love God - To Love Mortal" but in the future and more crazy. *You don't need to read "To Love God - To Love Mortal" to understand this story. It's just have many Easter egg for that story here.*

If you confused about chronology of this story, You can watch this timeline to help you =>…

English Editor :


#FirstCrazy Future Part 01
#PreviousCrazy Future Part 39
#NextCrazy Future Part 41
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Yeetnoodlewrites's avatar
Her saying not that hopeless hints to the fact that she the princess of friendzone
teriax's avatar
After the recent announcement and seeing this page I have a feeling there might be more than one dragon hybrid pony in ponyville.
BadgerHood12's avatar
Recent announcement? Do tell.
teriax's avatar

Been so long I forgot, think a journal of vavs hinted at coupling or a character that hinted at something a while back can’t say for sure what is was now though.

QQQQT2's avatar
She is talking about me everyone but dont worry it was a one night stand
PapyJr13's avatar
I fear the worst
Dawnfur8888's avatar
Heh. Bet it was Flash or something.
Detah-Ramet's avatar
Something to rightly be ashamed of, it seems.
77madman's avatar
I'm betting Discord!
camolotthe10's avatar
Hell, I was gonna guess that...

Though I would have thought Discord x Flutter Butter, and Big Mac x Cherilee. But, then again, I thought I had Aerial Ace pinned as Rainbow Dash x somepony, so this whole thing's throwing me for a loop.
Lavamoon0's avatar
Wait, could it be (discord, thought my mind at your comment immediately went somewhere very dark about it, buit mabey she ws artificially inseminated)
EpicBronyL's avatar
Am I really the only one who want's to see alicorns reproducing asexually. 
Soulflutigress's avatar
Twi don't cry
it's just a question...
unless the dude broke up with you or died
*pats her on the back*
don't listen to me and my big dumb mouth
Wait0wat's avatar
Took her 100 years to..."biologize," "hopeless" was not one of my first words describing her at that, since this happened though, it's now in my head forever for her. XD

By the way, wow, she really looks upset the last panel,D:
The field in the air just really took a 180.
Zalay02's avatar
If it's Flash sentry, I love you. =3 poor Twilight, she looks so sad... =,( 
KawaiiMichie's avatar
:D Hee hee, anyone wonders who Twilight's coltfriend is? You're not the only one..
FluffyPPGS's avatar
FluffyPPGS's avatar
AmrasFelagund's avatar
"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you because I can't trust to tell you even though you are one of my very best friends in the entire world, because the fourth wall might be watching."
OmegaGames's avatar
I just noticed. Is the steam in panel 2 coming from Twilight's horn?
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