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Crazy Future Part 09

"Nice to meet you again. My host"

Warning : This story takes place 100 years after Rarity dead. This story base on season 4. So anything that happened in season 5 will have nothing to do with this story.

Warning : This story's an alternate universe and is really crazy at times.

Warning : a lot of 4th wall breaking and referencing. Sharing universe with "To Love God - To Love Mortal" but in the future and more crazy.

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Dadiny: that does not like look at that at all.

mashra: quit yer whining all times, what important is rarity's alive.

didset: but nightmare is still there.

mashra: oh, well, this stink.

dadiny & didset: * face palming very harshly; barely keeping his laughter under control* no just no; n- no j-just n-no.
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Well actually, this is kinda cool. 
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Whoa, this is creepy (if irl)
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Da fuq? I confused now!
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Discord: Welcome to the afterlife, Rarity. You're dead.
Rarity: What's going on?
Discord: I told you. You're dead. This is the afterlife. And I am the Mother Mare.
Rarity: You are not the Mother Mare!
Discord: Blasphemy! You're lucky I don't cast you out, or smite you or something.
Rarity: I don't know what game it is you're playing, but I am not going to participate.
Discord: What an ego. (sarcastic) Did you think the great Rarity Carousel would never die?
Rarity: Whatever you've done to--- *she puts a hoof to her throat, and is shocked to find nothing*
Discord: No pulse? What a surprise.
Rarity: How do I know this isn't another one of your tricks?
Discord: Think, Rarity. Why would I go to all the trouble of faking your death when I could simply kill you whenever I felt like it?
Rarity: Is that what happened?
Discord: I wouldn't want to steal the was a rather disgruntled fashion designer.
Rarity: The invitation to the beach in Manehattan. Suri told me she wanted to apologize for her actions.
Discord: Yes, yes. The invite to call a truce, the unexpected attack, the blunt force trauma to the skull... the bottom line is, your life ended about five minutes ago under the vicious administrations of Suri Polomare.
Rarity: No. NO! I am NOT dead! I refuse to believe that there is an afterlife which is run by you! The universe is not so poorly designed.
Discord: Very well. If you really require more evidence of your post-mortem status, I'll just have to provide some...
???: Rarity.
*Rarity freezes for a moment before turning around. Behind her stands an old Unicorn stallion. He looks disapprovingly at his granddaughter*

Rarity: Grandfather...
Flawless Flanks: I told you that fashion was a dangerous business. I told you it would bring you to a bad end. But you didn't listen. Now look at you: dead before your time at the hooves of a vengeful psychopath.
Rarity: Alright Discord...that's enough.
Discord: Enough what?
Flawless Flanks: Why didn't you listen? All I wanted was for you to be safe. You could have made a good living finding and selling gems. It was your special talent after all, not fashion.
Rarity: Discord...stop this at once!
Flawless Flanks: Even now after all these still refused to listen to me. I'm disappointed in you Rarity.
*Rarity turns back to confront Discord, only to find him gone. She is alone in the empty white void*
Rarity: I hope you are enjoying this Discord.
DiscordThis isn't for me. This is for you, Rarity... I wanted to give you an opportunity to make peace with your sordid past.
Rarity: I find it hard to believe that you are doing this for the benefit of my soul.
DiscordNow that you've finally shuffled off the mortal coil, we're free to spend some time together. I simply want you to be at peace with yourself.
Rarity"Some time together?"... how much time?
Discord: Eternity.
Rarity: So I'm in Tartarus.
DiscordThat's the spirit, Rarity. Don't let a little thing like death slow down that rapier wit. Now you're sure you don't have any regrets or feelings of guilt about your former life? I can't have you whining and complaining through eternity. 
RarityIf I'm truly dead, then my only regret is dying... and finding you here.
DiscordYou wound me, ma dame. After all, I wasn't the cause of your death...
*he holds up his claw hand and an object appears in it. He tossed it to Rarity, who catches in her somehow still functional magic field. She looks up at a rock the size of a hoofball with morbid fascination. It is covered in blood*
Rarity: Is this...?
Discord: The rock Suri hit you with. You might have lived if you had rejected Suri's invitation. Instead you fell for her ruse, and your life was ended by a blow to the head on a Manehattan beach, at the hooves of a maniacal mare with sufficient motive to carry out first degree murder. That generous spirit of yours ultimately proved to be your undoing. Why did Suri leave Ponyville anyway? Surely you tried to convince her to stay right?
Rarity: No I...I encouraged her to go and live her dreams in the big city. I even paid for her train ticket and everything.
Discord: Despite knowing how nasty Manehattan can be, you still sent poor innocent Suri into the jaws of of the concrete jungle. 
Rarity: I just wanted my friend to be happy, that's all. I had no idea that she would turn into such a monster.
*the scene suddenly shifts to Ponyville Station. Rarity stands before a younger and still good-aligned Suri*


I think this went on long enough. If anyone wants to add more to the scene, go right ahead.
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I think I like your story better. 
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why do i get the feeling that when i read your comment. i'm Picturing Q and Picard in that TNG Episode where the captain "died", and Q was pretending to be God XD
Canard-Pars's avatar
Q isnt God though,Hes the spirit of Chaos and Disharmony! DISCORD!:D

sooo...yeah,pretty much god actually o.o;
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That's exactly what inspired it.
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oh's it's.....different.
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Awesome series
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I love Nightmare design
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:iconkilled2013: :iconsay3plz: I spy no cutie mark!
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Foul demon! Your sorcery shall be undone! I swear it on all that is good and righteous!
I wouldnt mind being in the darkness like that. For eternity...
cool cus there is no hell only heavan and you cant go there
death is just you nowere
Do ponies have heaven & hell? I just headcanoned when they die they become one with the stars, or at least the ambient magical force enveloping the universe.
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I love the art style for this comic.
So far, Nightmarity seems fairly chill.
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Option A: Die, Option B: Live as part of a dark entity.

yeah, option B sounds pretty good.
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