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Character Info : Hybrid

A background character from "The Adventure Log Of Young Queen".

She is a daughter of Applejack the earth pony and Spike the dragon. One of Young Queen loyal friend. She live with her parent in Sweet Apple Acres. Always help people when they need and being honest just like her mother. She prefer the dragon than pony when come to love. But there have only one gentle dragon in Ponyvile. That why she have a secret forbidden crush on her father...

//A character info style that got inspiration from Pokemon Summary Screen.
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tigreanpony's avatar
Very cool, glad to finally get more info on her.
julian0123's avatar
Parkour? Cool :D
A crush on Spike? Now I didn't see that coming...
So that's why she asked for a kiss, right? Man, now I'm curious to see more about that crush.
Chapus2009's avatar
i like how everybody is commenting the parkour but ignoring the fact she has a crush on her father :'D 
vavacung's avatar
People sometime just focus on picture and ignore the description, dear. =w="
Chapus2009's avatar
Ah, yes, true. :'D People should read descriptions more often though, there's info in it!
julian0123's avatar
They are? Well, I guess people just see what they wanna see XD
Chapus2009's avatar
Guess you're right. xD But Vavacung pointed out something as well, some people focus more on the picture and less on the description.
julian0123's avatar
It happens a lot XD
Chapus2009's avatar
sadly, indeed :'D
Animatorsnake's avatar
Now this is cute and adorable, what could get even better than this?!
Parlour? That is awesome!
askwasteali's avatar
Ali: She got her name from her father I think.
Ray915's avatar
Her name is Hybrid? Oo
julian0123's avatar
In another comic of Vavacung, Rarity said it was Spike's idea to call their daughter Sparity, and (if my memory doesn't fail me) commented on how making and choosing a name wasn't his forte.
I think Vavacung is doing the same in these logs.
Noglaz's avatar
So then: Why Applejack let Spike chose the name for her daughter?
julian0123's avatar
:shrug: Dunno; Vavacung thought it would be funny that way?
Noglaz's avatar
VentodelCaos's avatar
I was perplexed about her name too.
When I thought he was the son of Applejack and Tips, I immediately thought that his name was to be Pitaya or Dragon Fruit.

They fitted her so well.
Ray915's avatar
Omg so true, I never thought of that. :o
thasbrony's avatar
she is the daughter of the same dragon that called his daughter sparity. 
Ray915's avatar
Spike must be really bad at naming things. XD
Masao114's avatar
D'aaawww. Such cutes. ^u^
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