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Character Card : Little AJ

Little AJ is a daughter of Applejack. Her class is Heroine. She have most balanced stats but have no magic state.That make she weak to magic and long range attack. She don't have much defense and strength states. So she have to rely herself on avoid and parry. She is smaller than most female earth pony.

Little AJ Statues :
B      B+     B      C+    B+    D

Her special talent is hands. With these unique organs. It made her possible to hold nearly all type of weapon in the world. But with low strength. She can't hold any weapon that too heavy for her and she can't use magic weapon without help from other magician.

She is a main character in my comic "Crazy Future".
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Nice work.

Work, work, work.
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I can't help but remember Kill la Kill with that scarf she wore.
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Kill la kill's reference spotted
My inter-dimensional character would not approve of a child being an anti-hero. If anyone wants to hear about her, just ask.
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I already like this character beside Sparity and Super Surprise
Cross between Negima, Soul Eater, and MLP. Yay.
also dark souls
LukeAlanBundesen's avatar
Plus Kill la Kill. That scarf is totally Senketsu
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Awesome stories BTW, can't wait for you to start "Chaos Future". Since Little AJ is around the same age as Sparity. I bet AppleJack must have a mature look on her, seen how young her daughter is, there is no way she'll look as old as Granny Smith. Still I'm curious of what will become of "Chryssie" in "To Love Alicorn". I am truly ecstatic to see how all will play out.
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Hay vavacung I need help with a part of an oc I'm making with a robotic arm and I need an image of the fingers of aj gauntlet that's all robot fingers are hard to draw 
Pokebreeder25's avatar
Tried that they never have the right images you need.
i did find an image with the arm but it didn't fingers just a hoove on the fingers on aj gauntlets look awesome. 
Have you ever made one of your oc card characters with a robotic eye 
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No. I never. And if Goggle can't help you...I think I can't help you as well...Since I got all of it from google too.
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Ok I think this oc is done come check it out and tell me what you think
Pokebreeder25's avatar
Can I use the pony hands idea for an oc just the hands idea nothing else
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the kill la kill scarf
sunlord9's avatar
yep, but it looks like the red is a litter shad
Did mlp get all hardcore or something?
That would be awsome :D
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this is awesome im making a oc like this but her hybrid is going to be a kirin hybrid and a human hybrid and also im using one of my favorites anime characters from a game and use that as her just like this ok I tell you she from the Chinese kantai collection game so her name uss oklahome so I could not help it because you have a pony that from kantai collection and also your art is awesome.
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Little AJ is my favourite character!
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where can i get a card base of this
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