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Character Card : Aerial Ace

The best stunt flyer of Ponyvile(Twilight)'s kingdom. She may act like some kind of jerk and hot head or have a bad manner. But when you know her better. She is the one who always be by your side, always loyal to her friend.

With Ahuizotl's blood. Now I'm not sure about her race....
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Was the weapon transformation her power or LJ's or is that a enchantment on the gauntlets?
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The first time I see it I tought it was a boy
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I thought he was the Ahuizoti the aztec man-eater and secret holder to longevity?
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Ahuizorl is name  his species so she like  quater Ahuizorl  and mostly pony
LadySolonna's avatar
What's with the tail?
oh, i just remembered an adult comic with Daring Do and Ahuizotol...a magic artifact that he though would produce heat instead made them "in heat"...
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Does she idolize the old mane 6?
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Ahuizotl is a creature from Aztec lore and is one of a kind, so it would make sense to just call the race Ahuizotl as there is only one member.

P.S in Aztec lore Ahuizotl had the ability to mimic the sound of a crying baby and could use magic to remove the eyes of people.
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Isn't that a move?
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Can she use her claw tail like her ancestor that would be a great stunt booster
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Just as i imagined she would look like with colors XD
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I maybe assuming Daring Do is the Surrogate mother
mlp-and-smLunaLover's avatar
If Aerial Ace isn't the element of loyalty why is she described as the one who is always loyal to her friends?
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Her genorosity better than her loyalty.
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is it like soarins and spitfires son or daughter + daring do and ahuizotl son or daughter=aerial ace? (right)
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now its all simple for me,thanks
Ghanzza's avatar
Her tail is a hand like ahuizotl's?
RavenWoodtheWolf's avatar
What is up with her tail? It's quite...hand like..

Just read that it was Just a Tail.

Man it would be awesome if the tail was something unique like Ahuizotl's can :3
That description...that personality...
...she's Rainbow Dash's reincarnation, isn't she?
...Oh well...but Aerial Ace is probably a fake-out anyways.
:iconliarjackplz::iconsaysplz:Yup, she's totally a fake-out.:iconsaysendplz:
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