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Chapter 9 : The Princess And The Knight

By vavacung
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To Love a Knight : Why won't you let me love you?

My knight.... Why won't you let me love you?
My Knight.... It's because I'm a Princess, I'm a goddess, I'm Immortal?
My Knight.... Or is it because I'm a liar? Because I lied to you for 8 years?
My knight....Why won't you let me love you?

Am I not good enough for you?

English Edit by : tori-rune tori-rune of FA and his sister.


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Why doesn't Nightmare stay and help run the bureaucracy? Plus, she can assist with problems when the Mane 6 and other strategic assets are currently occupied, gain how powerful she is.
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wow, this one's a painful love story,luckily paper didn't commit suicide for blaming himself
Because-Pinkie-Pie's avatar
I'd be more creeped out that an adult had been attracted to me since I was a little kid than anything else.

Also that she completely abandoned her job all the sudden and kinda just left everyone to figure out what to do with one half of a diarchy, no sun goddess, and a shit-ton less power to defend itself with against all potential evils.

Plus all the resources that'd go into finding the Princess.

Not just creepy, but beyond irresponsible.
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Hmm... i like Paper but i don't think i like the shipping. I can't see Celestia being gay i guess. I also don't really like oc and canon couples. Good work on this comic btw! I still love it. :3
CubeEffect's avatar
It was a male, just being reincarnated as a female
i have to agree, i don't like the shipping, it could been better if opposite sexes
Stormlover10's avatar
Ya, I know. And I agree 
Wait0wat's avatar
Oh, that's cold. Wait… I have the window open. But still, that's harsh.
elpachonisimo's avatar
Los problemas de ser inmortal..... 
MFDicecream's avatar
Her eyelashes did gave us a hint of her as a girl
DJZapApple's avatar
Paper is a GIRL!!!??? I did not expect that. :| (Blank Stare) 
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You got something against LGBT?! Fight me. I dare you.
TheLondonJamJar's avatar
Clarity83's avatar
Fuck you, buddy.
FluffyCockatrice's avatar
something wrong with that?
UpgraderIsAwesome's avatar
You mean lesbian? Paper is a girl. I read this once, seriously.
newflutterpie's avatar
well fuck you too.
natekiksace's avatar
I like this celestia
ShieldWolfSheena's avatar
Wait, it first was a he!?
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Paper sure can hold a grudge. But a grudge is a lot of effort; she must still care about you, if she's willing to put in that much work.
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I prefer to keep Paper in my mind as a stallion. Otherwise, it would feel unsettlting and anti-natura.
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