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Chapter 8 : The Pony Who Stole The Sun

By vavacung
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To love unreal : I never thought I would love you.

Your Highness... I never thought I would love you.
Your Highness... My love will always belong to my unicorn friend.
Your Highness... My heart will always belong to Tia, who was a fake you...

I love Tia, but I do not think I can love you.

It is hard to change my love for somepony to another,
even if that other is the same as the first.


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nice going luna...nice going Pissed Off Sonic Icon 
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This part alwais gets me
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Waaa waaa waaa...
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There had been talks about paper, If that's a male or female
In my personal opinion it kinda looks male
But some say it was reincarnated as a female, instead of male
I can't really tell
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is Paper Marche male or female
keyblad's avatar
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Reincarnation of a Male into the body of a female
radiiiance's avatar but looks female? 
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It's kinda like "Avatar: The last airbender."
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They are lesbian in case you still didn't get it
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This is not unlike the total bullsh** bomb dropped with the replacing of a certain unicorn with a certain alicron that I can recall ...

So I think we have an understanding here.
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well i do believe i hear glass breaking.
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Uh-oh..... :worry: Uh-oh, uh-oh...I wondered if it would go this way, but it's sad....what'll happen now?
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i can't tell, is paper male or female?
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Paper is supposed to be a girl.
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Is Paper a boy or a girl, and how can you tell?
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Paper is a girl.…
This is Paper's character sheet. Note the eyelashes and the human form. Or ask Vavacung him/herself. (I don't know if Vavacung is a girl or guy)
There's a whole bunch of back story that'll tell you. But I don't want to spoil it. So don't read below if you don't want spoilers.

Paper is apparently the reincarnation of Celestia's lover, Liberty wings. However, liberty wings died of old age (Celestia's immortal err something and didn't). Side note, Liberty wings was a boy. When Liberty wings was reincarnated, he was reincarnated as a girl. However his and Celestia's feelings didn't change.

If any of this info's wrong. Sorry. But I'm 99% sure papers a girl.
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Don't worry, I believe every single facts and details you are giving, thanks for telling me, I now understand that Paper is a girl. :D :D :D :D :D :D
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