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Chapter 7 : 1st Secret

To love a disguise: Secrets never stay hidden forever.

Paper... Being with you makes my life so happy,
Paper... I would love to stay like this forever, beside you as a friend or more.
But... I know secrets never stay hidden forever...
I fear that someday you will know the truth, the truth of who I really am...

And when that day comes, I hope you will not hate me...


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dun dun duuuuun

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I'd say that too, but Luna probably feels awkward in it...
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NO DURR, PAPER! What was your first clue: the coat, the mane, the name or the tattoo on her as that looks like the sun?! XD
All I can say is: Bruh, how was she supposed to know she'd been best friends with a "deity" almost all her life. Such thing just become part of the person... until someone points out that something's up.
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dang it sibling block, truly it is the number one cause of older brothers/sisters having whatever romantic moment go up in smoke.
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I... wow I am so confused. Where the heck do I even START with these series'!?
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third panel, um where did luna's cutie mark go? 
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Random idea that's probably not true: Luna lost her cutie mark of the moon cause Moonie took it over temporarily :3
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Pardon my french but DURRRRRRRRRRRR
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Whoops. Sorta killed the moment girls.
Took you long enough to figure it out.

Vacation's over, 'Tia. And next time, I don't care how much vacation time you have saved up, you tell somepony before you start using it.
I mean, she probably has been saving her vacation for the past thousand years; she'd pretty much have to have years worth by now.
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Luna looks like she GAINED a few pounds.

*But thats probably just the angle.
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Do they take history? Cause if they did she would've found out.
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Luna looks really rediculais in that outfit.
Why Nightmare Moon's mare changed so much ?
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Because it already 8 year after Luna ask her to rule Equestria together. See, Paper already mare now.
Livens-Ustrina-5th's avatar
Paperwork...........They can change a mare life
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