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Chapter 6 : Starry Night

To love friend : Love word is hard to say.

Tia...I want to tell you just how I feel about you.
But why is it so difficult just for me to tell you?
No matter how much I practice and prepare my word.
But "Love" always really hard to say...

Song for last panel =>…


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guest6ui78's avatar
im pretty sure ive sang a song in chorus called A Starry Night
Foxy-Fabulous's avatar
Lmao the song XD you actually used the song! XD
Wyverntooth's avatar
I saw a cabbage head
Shenronn's avatar
So much for playing it cool
HeatherBlossom's avatar
nice vocaloid reference
Demon-pony64's avatar
what vocaloid song is that?
CubeEffect's avatar
*Getting your first girlfriend in a nutshell*
MixietheDogFurry's avatar
But of course
DemonicLucario's avatar
I (still) read Paper as a boy. 

A. I make no disticntion in body types. My OC has the regular (not-stallion) body, but is a boy

B. Has anyone actually seen a female guard? Anywhere? Not to be rude.
Sanluris's avatar
Paper has a voice as strong as Pinkie Pie's and the strength of mountains! :)
That is sweet. And I'm sure Luna would be happy Celestia is enjoying the night.
bbb35's avatar
Louder paper, they didn't hear you IN EUROPE!!
Silly Paper, she already knows.
Chrismilesprower's avatar
S'cuse me uh...Chewbacca. I'm bleeding from the ears over here let's calm the buck down. We're dealing with confessions, not missle governor.
FrencineMPercy's avatar
I was almost right! xD
FrencineMPercy's avatar
I'm just gonna guess before I click that song link: I like you, I love you by Rin Kagamine. xD
ForestStarStudios's avatar
everyone's gonna look at him... No, I disagree! 
ForestStarStudios's avatar
her, whatever, I thought it was "him" when i read this.
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