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Chapter 5 : The Return Of Nightmare Moon

By vavacung
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#To Be A Ruler : Where is my rest time!?#

It isn't be a ruler of very very big country like Equestria!
It isn't easy...To manage the country and make everypony happy.
It isn't schedule a time for myself and my work.
It isn't easy...For a Goddess of Day and Night...The god of two time.
It isn't easy...To have time for myself...My rest...My vacation...
But It may easy...If I have someone...Some pony.....

Some puppet to share all of my work...

[This is a side story of To Love God - To Love Mortal. Happened after Princess Celestia disappeared for few year]


#First :…
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Real life sucks doesn't it Nightmare Moon?

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Luna: How even Celestia can do all THIS for 1000 years all by herself and NOT go crazy abort it?

Moony: Beat it?!

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This is how Luna really talks when no pony is around!
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this is so accurate.
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To love alicorn XD
Gotta re-read this comic nowwwww
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Oh wait i got the comic wrong lol
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I don't want to offend you, but you need an editor for these. The entire comic strip is littered with very massive mistakes that make it, at least for me, almost unbearable to read.

And believe me, I like this, it's pretty funny.
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Wow I feel like a total idiot. I should have looked at the submission date. 2013... Yeah okay.

Never-mind my valid criticism. It was a mistake on my part... after all your English has improved a lot since then.

And reading this answer I feel like it sounds a little passive-aggressive. Again, not trying to offend you.

EDIT: I don't know why it made me comment on my own comment but I'm just gonna take it. Sorry for any confusion.
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My past is not today. Sorry, but I no longer have original file of this story with me anymore, so I can't fix it nor I have any desire to fix my past mistake. Better life with present now.
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Lol, nice reference there. And your English has definitely come far!
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Well maybe due to this comic is actually made some years ago, when his/her (idk lol) english was still kinda bad
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laughing uncontrollably) That's too funny! :D :D
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Taking the world is not easy, but it's a piece of cake comparing to actually maintaining "ruling".
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When you want to rule the world but then you realize how you have to rule the world.
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Hahaha XD.

I feel sorry for Luna.
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I actually feel sorry for nightmare moon. Now she's trying to understand our modern way of life.
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Eh, I suppose I've always had a hard time relating to Nightmare Moon, Sweating a little... 
- hence why my sympathies lie with Luna ^^.
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Hmm. Thought about reading Past Sins for some time.
Not in the mood for a Luna story right now though.
Thanks anyway! :)
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