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Chapter 42 : Now or Forever

Now or Forever : Lose her now or Lose her forever

No matter what I choose I will have to see you die.
No matter what I choose I will still lose you.
And now I will choose. That I will save you.
Kill you now better than let you kill yourself and lose you forever...


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3rd panel: We can't remove the Heart without a disaster following.

Cue Season 6...

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I remember the blizzard storm about to overtake the town because no barrier generated by said heart...

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if we sing songs and turn this whole disaster into a musical it would be okay. IF ONLY WE MADE THEM SING WITHOUt tALking inbETwEEN so IT WAS AN OPREA XD anyways you must kill her celestia, its the only way :(
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Life is just dark
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nooo!! celestia! dont kill! has to be a thirth option!
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Heros faced with an objective that they have to break there one rule. That's what makes a good ending, battle, character development.
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Nobody else seemed to comment on this, so I will: giving Solid Sparkle over there a lollipop that looks like a cigarette was bloody brilliant.
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Why does the World hate the good guys? :c
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Murphy's Law he just fucking hate you Celesteia.
 this going to be so sad if apple jeck is just hidding behind a tree
Nothing quite as horribly romantic as having to killer your love in order to save them. (Nice touch)
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Oh Tia, the universe hates you 
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Wait, what happened to Applejack?
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Fell through the Fourth Wall, according to one of the other comics.

Mind linking to the comic? I couldn't find it.

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ze comic is frozen
When will the next chapter be uploaded  ? T.T
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finally I was able to read the comic yay
and ... It ... Was ... Awesome !!! :la: 
every page looks gorgeous. I love the style 
and its humor and drama and love and everything. 

and as far as I read the comments, you wont poof just
AJ to the fight. thank you for that. And this decision makes 
me just more curious, how the things will roll in the 
upcoming parts *squeee*
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Please bring this (continue) very SOON      XD
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This is where ES/Think Pink left off too ><
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goddamn, I can't wait to see how this ends.  Keep up the great work!
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flashback to whatever the hell paper did?
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>.< Poor Celestia.. The things she has to do for love.. v.v
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