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Chapter 4 : Growing together

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To Love Girl : My heart waiting for your word of love.

Paper....You ask me what is my dream.
Paper....I want to answer you. But I know you will not understand.
Paper....You are my light...Being with you are my only dream.
And Paper...If someday you love me back...My dream will complete.

I will waiting for your word of love...No matter how long it is.


To Love Girl: Can your man of your dreams is a girl?

Tia....You're more beautiful than any girlas I ever seen...
Tia....I love you since the first time we met and I don't look any man anymore.
But Tia....I am Girl...I am a same sex as you...
Tia....I want to say I love you...But I can't be a man for you. I don't brave to say I love you. I'm afraid to lose you...

But someday...I will said I love you....Please wait for me....…


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mm yes everytime something's slighlty gay my heart just explodes omg
Shenronn's avatar
Celestia did not think this through XD
leebk201's avatar
What a twist! :D 
Wait0wat's avatar
Well, female? Didn't see that coming. And I guess that makes sense with the whole Royal guard; really didn't think that one through, didn't you Celestia?
ionoid's avatar
Why are you just calling Celestia "female"?
Wait0wat's avatar
was thinking about something else in the comic further along when tying the first sentence.
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Aww, that is really sweet. It's a nice montage. It's nice that Celestia can get some time away from the castle. It'd be nice if both Luna and Celestia could do that. I guess that's just how it is when they have to be the princesses though, like what Twilight was talking about in Crazy Future. :(
So, do all ponies reincarnate, or is it just Paper? But anyway, I like her. I think she's cool. I've read ahead a little bit in the comic. I like the idea that Celestia disguised herself as a unicorn. She has tons of magic, so it makes sense she could be disguised forever.
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T-T pls help me..i think i will stop here because i cant follow the right comic.T-T
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Just look at the describtion and click on the #Next : Link :)
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Its already problem solve long time ago.
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You messed up Celestia. Big time.
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Ooops~ Careful there Tia, almost let it slip!
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AHH XD I just noticed her wings are gone... she is in disguise as NOT Princess Celestia... WHOA... mind is blown ><
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What, 'Tia, did you think there would be no consequences to disappearing like you did?

And Paper, do you not remember when Princess Celestia herself expressed great joy to have found you again, though she had never before met you? Did you never notice how a new student of alabaster coat and solar mark showed up in your class at the same time that the sun princess vanished?
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I think 'year' must be 'years'.
ScarletNightMoon's avatar
WAIT THERE BOTH GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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but wuts wrong with gay?
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Notice eyelashes bruh XD
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Does Paper go to like Origami classes or some thing 
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Does Tia's mane flow like Celestia?
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