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Chapter 3 : From Princess To Girl



To Love Child : Can you lowering yourself for your love?

Child ....I knew, my princess class really high for you to reached.
Child ....I knew, you will never thought to love princess. To love adult.
Child ....I knew, I couldn't force you to love me...I had to make you to love me.

Child.......I was just like a princess on the tower. Hard for you to climbed up. Hard for you to noticed me.

So Child ...You didn't need to climb up to me...Because I would climb down to you. I would became just normal girl. To became your friend. To loved you in the same class and same age. Been your childhood friend.

To waited for you to grown up and could love me someday.


To Love Girl : Is love at first sight possible?

Girl....You looked at me then like you knew me. I looked at you like I knew you.
Girl....I never met you before...But why I felt I miss you so much...
Girl....Who were you?...Why I couldn't stop thinking about you....
Oh Girl....This was a love as first sight, isn't it?


To Be Ruler : Do you know how hard to be a ruler?

Sister...Where are you...Your work really hard for me than I thought.....


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