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Chapter 22 : Nightmare's Reply

To my beloved Ponies : I will never betray you...

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Oh gee, I wonder if Chrysalis will turn into Celestia! :P
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Cliff Hanger:Very wise words Nig... No, Princess Nightmare Moon
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Cliff Hanger:Very wise words Night... No, Princess Nightmare night.
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where's the rope that was on her horn a moment ago?
Blue83dragon's avatar
It prevents her from using magic
Draxeid's avatar
He ment not what is it but where is it
See, just like I said. Soft.
marinus18's avatar
Who actually does the moon? Luna or Nightmare moon?
Killed2013's avatar
Luna, and pay attention to the story will ya?
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But Moon says that it's her night so do they do it together?
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Hmmm... nightmare moon have fangs and she is bigger than luna. Her colors are too change... What? I need to comment comic? Well, sounds like i dont have anythink to say
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Well that and eternal night would kill everyone.
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Now go step on that Bug, Nighty!
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Yeah villain redemption
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Dem Past Sins references!!!
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Chrysalis, I love you so please do something similar.
Kra-ZGirl's avatar
all right Nyx XD I Moon O_O
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dat maid though 
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