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Chapter 2 : Finally Found You

By vavacung
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To Love God : Can I love you again? (Previous life)

Princess....If I am reincarnated and can meet you again some day,
Princess....Please find me and hold me tight, Make me love you again.
Princess....I want to love you again....Even in next life I can't remember our love...But please love me...make sure you don't let me go
Princess....Good bye.....I will meet you again in next life of mine....


To Love mortal : Can you love me again? (Present time)

Mortal....You are reincarnated and I finally meet you again,
Mortal....I found you and hold you tight, I will make you love me again. No matter how hard of it.
Mortal....I always want to love you again....Even in this life you can't remember our love but I still love you...I'm sure I won't let you go...
Mortal....Welcome back.....I finally found you....


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the guard on the bottom and applebloom....

BronyMann456's avatar
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I know this was always meant as a sort of yaoi theme story, but... why didn't you illustrate the story of how Celestia first met her lover? Before the reincarnations? 
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So much daaaaaaw

So much yes

So much potential redemption

Such a source of light
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Oh nooo i cant follow the comics properly dont know what is the 1st one?
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Awwww~ She founds her reincarnated love!
TheNeoStrike's avatar
This looks like a sweetest thing...a real tear jerker  :')
Think Pink was right..........
fotland42's avatar
And everypony is just so very confused. Though I wonder what that guard's seeing to get him to a full-on shocked state, when everypony else is more around bewildered?
TheWrathOfPurple's avatar
Somewhat adorable.
Somewhat beautiful.
Somewhat creepy.
Chroniton8990's avatar
Persuing someone throughout their reincarnations... Red vs. Blue reference or did Celestia go to the Edward Culllen school of romance?
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Reading this again, I wonder what Paper's parents thought of 'Tia tearfully glomping their kid.
Scrap-Lord's avatar
This picture reminds me a lot of The Witcher.
And I love The Withcer. Have my fave. :)
Dragon-Rider147's avatar
Is that baby applebloom to the left?
thetnknownbrony's avatar
looks a little bit like it yes
CrystalCritic's avatar
The guard is like WTF!?
SnowflakeThePony337's avatar
oh wow..... right now she kinda looks like princess m..... (if you know who im talking about, dont tell me im creepy or weird, its MY opinion)
KisaraDoesArt16's avatar
this is soooooo cute but i'm loling soooooo so so so hard becous of the other ponies reaction xDD
SaltySamSammich's avatar
oh i kinda get it! so the stallion on the cover, that was this new filly now, right?
vavacung's avatar
Yes. The reincarnated of the stallion. He die by old age and reincarnated in 200 year later as a filly.
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how does she know she is reincarinted?
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Si ricardo puso comentario yo tambien... Muy bonito el dibujo, estube buscando la fuente hasta que llegue aqui =D 
RVAelmataLobos's avatar
Que hermoso, calidad de dibujo Me encanta n.n
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