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Chapter 17 : Past Sins

Past Sins : Are her sins really hers?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there were two sister who were princessess.
The older one was praised and loved by all the subjects; 
The younger one never had nearly as much love and praise as her older sister. 
The Glory and Admiration towards the elder created envy in the younger one, 
Disgust, Sadness and Malice slowly creeping into her heart. 
This created the "Monster" of hatred and despair.
"The Monster" was trying to do everything to help her host, to make her beloved and praised.
But it did so without knowledge or experience, with the foolishness of a Newborn. 

This foolishness resulted in the "Monster's" and the princess' banishment from the kingdom. 

In time, the two return to the kingdom, but it was only the young princess who was forgiven her sins. 
Every shred of malice was attributed to the "Monster", said to be the source of all the evil.

Not even the fact that the "Monster" was born of the two siblings could change anything. 
Born from their mistake. Their fault. Their fight. Their sins. 
And what has "The Monster" ever done? It was only what the younger princess wanted.

So then ... are "The Monster's" sins really its?

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i see what u did there

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Accurate, if not disturbing, description Luna.

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I'm really dumb because I only got the "Past Sins" pun on re-read wow
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I got it...

Nyx is my favorite! Clapping Pony Icon - Nyx

Nyx is the best alicorn oc ever.

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omg the last part KJDFAHLJFHDLKJ XDDD
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Well Life happens.
and with magic anything can happen.
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All I have to say is that Princess Luna is right. It isn't just all black and white,  you have to look through different perspectives to truly understand something that you yourself did not go through. So, Princess Celestia, You are treating Princess(Whatever) Nightmare Moon the someway you have been treated for the longest time, and didn't that time just feel awful? Now look through her perspective again, let us see if you are still so confident in your statement, Hm?

Wait Why did I just write that?
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I love celestia's face like *BRUH*
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im in tears omg
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You go from serious to hilarious
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Past sins??? That reminds me of a fanfic i read from penstroke
midnightrose3000's avatar
you mean about nyx??
tails208's avatar
Yes about nyx, i love that little filly alicorn
foldabotZ's avatar
A shout-out, perhaps?
omnimon11's avatar
Ummmm...I don't mean to make this sound weird or anything...but is the goop that Nightmare Moon's forming out of coming out of Past!Luna's plot?
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That last panel killed me! XD
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celestia 100000.v is broken
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