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Chapter 15 : Promoted

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To love a ruler : Is it really wrong if i want to use the power for myself just one time? 

I was the ruler of kingdom. 
I had the power to decide about everything in my kingdom. 
That power was used for maintaining peace in the kingdom.
And I used that power to bring happiness to many ponies.
Is it really wrong if i want to use that power for myself just this one time..?

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Just seeing Celestia smile like that....isn't it worth it in the end Paper?
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Twilight's jealous
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I like how Celestia has a bandage on her crown, like it's going to heal.
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i wonder if ti-celestia is gonna tell him he is a rencarnation
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Out-verse/In-verse joke. :D
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I realized that as fast as Twilight did.
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Well she for a female seems to have a hard one there. 
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Yes Twilight, Tia is a lesbian now.
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Forget the naysayers - enjoy this moment of happiness! ^^
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This is why power fails- double standard without room for the unprecedented honest and fair at that needs

They all feel it but they have no courage or knowledge to say it.

Other than that I love this page.
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keep your friends close, enemies closer, and lovers within wing reach.
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Keep your friends?
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Just saw how happy the Princess're XD
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Ahaha, I'd be pointing out that Twi could probably tell better than we can, but then again, she IS wearing a guard uniform, and y'know, Paper does NOT look like a petite mare to me.
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Wow... Twilight's certainly observant isn't she? ¬w¬;
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second panel, omg so cute celestia is doing the kitty face 
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mind Blown Mind Blown Mind Blown WHAT!!!! PAPER WAS A MARE..WAIT....WHAT!!! I...UH...CANT...EVEN..WHAT...THIS DOESNT MAKE SENSE FOR ME! AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) WAAAAAAAA!!
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(Knew paper was a girl from the start)
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twi same reacting i had XD
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