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Chapter 14 : Love Me!

By vavacung
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To love assailant : Love me!....I beg you.

Please tell me. Tell me how i can make you love me.
I had a spell and magic. But it did not help at all.
More love. It where more pain, It where more torture. The wait made it the worst.
I want it to end this loneliness. With the love from you.

Love me! ... Please ... i beg you ... Please Don't hurt me anymore....

English Editor : rickhol of FA

Another English Editor : DracoBlair of DA


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WELL EXCUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS! Props to those who know the reference
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Little steps Celestia, little steps
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awwwwwwwwwwww Paper is so cute I ship it, Celeper
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Love me as i am for who are you to tell a god who he can and cannot love?
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hmmm.........okay fine ill give this ship another chance due to some circumstances if this goes down again im blowing it up. 
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I find humor in this whole comic and the second.  I know its suppose to be a romance or maybe the fact im just me but goddammit this is hilarious for what i believe in (no i am not debating with religion  with anyone just finding humor and crediting the artist for its writing) 
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Huh. It seems she just went tusndere.
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That cutie-mark... the crest of courage?
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She will try? I thought she already loves Celestia.
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You cannot command somepony to love you. Paper has perfectly good reasons to be angry about the many years during which you deceived her and the high price of the gift of you time that she never asked for but now feels responsible for. Throwing a tantrum won't suddenly fix that.
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my respect for that guard, he almost died of blushing, litteraly :D
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davis78's avatar the first time i see someone makind such an idea abouth love afther reincarnation, a colt reborn as a mare, now that sure something new :D, awesome :D
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Excuse me, can you please use English? This is what I translated (and it was a bit difficult):
"Wow..... That is the first time I saw someone making such an idea about love after reincarnation, a colt reborn as a mare. Now that sure is something new. :D Awesome. :D"
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em......isnt that in english? already!!!???
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Kittens is attempting to tell you that your grasp, or at least your execution, of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling is so atrocious that you cannot reliably communicate in written form. I realize your profile says you're from Mexico, and thus I might reasonably guess that you're fairly new to the language, but your mistakes scream more of laziness than inexperience, even if both might be contributing. If you can't be bothered to put any effort into writing the language, don't write the language at all.

Of course, were I wise, I would be staying well away from this whole thread, but I don't need to be wise to point out implicit meanings.
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ok i get it,  im not that expert on talking english, at least i know enough to read this comics in deviantart, so what i just said before was that i just really like the comic,  only that, for god"s sakie, seriously, i dont give a single damn abouth how mad gets some random person there. 
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Oh, gods. I won't bother explaining what I said, someone else do it.
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