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Chapter 13 : Deus vel machina

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To Love owner : Ruler is a tool of people, isn't it?

The ruler seem like to be the leader of all people.
The ruler seem like to be the owner of all people.
But if you looked it in reverse view. Ruler was just a tool of people.
Ruler was a servant of people. Ruler had a duty to take care their kingdom. Protect their city. Solve every problem for them.
Ruler was not a owner....Ruler was just a loyal servant of all people.

Just like a machine....But ruler was a creature too....Ruler was a creature who have heart...Ruler was a creature who could love and hurt....


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What did you do to my feelings ;.;
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this scene reminds me of a sad story on FimFiction called "blessing" by Estee, where Celestia visits a fatally ill patient in a hospital...

and the patient's relative doesn't believe her when she says she is "just a pony."
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Is Paper a girl?

EDIT: Nevermind...
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Wow, I really never thought about that for the ruler.
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this part made me tear so bad. okay *ahem* commenting time.

yes, a scene like this can be very common, especially to those who have a longevity span of life. Immortal is not what Celestia or Luna are. People or Ponies tend to forget that their princesses are like any other ponies, they merely placed them in a high pedestal of position unconsciously. and it can be very lonely up there.
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somehow i suddenly thought of a lonely dictator who had all he ever wanted, except friendship and a lover
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Then why would you lead other ponies into similar bondage and call it "destiny"?
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Forever. That is a really brutal word...
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This feels similar to an anime for some reason
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Burn Heal Pls.
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ok paper what have you done to her 
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Something just hit me-- is paper a mare? no issue with it I just didnt notice....somehow
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Love the new page, however, it is why can I not love you? Not why I can not love you?
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You have served your subjects so faithfully for so very long. And then you threw it all away for such impropriety. It is shameful, and no guard sworn to protect the Solar Princess ought to let Celestia simply get away with so betraying the aforementioned princess.
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Deus Vel Machina? I see what you did there! Deus De Machinima!
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Actually Celestia for all intents and purposes you are. You were specifically raised and trained to perform those duties and have done for just over 1,000 years. Buck up and accept your position and it's, (relatively few) limitations.
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It's only your headcanon.
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But she still get the right to get laid once in a while or risk her "machine" getting rusty and malfunction. I mean look at Luna and her previous "Malfunction."
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She does yes. Luna's, 'malfunction' isn't relevant as it was justified anger and envy. Which is the more practical and discreet? Publicly stalking someone through several lifetimes and letting your important duties suffer or secretly hiring a stallion.
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At least Luna can learn some responsibilities. Isn't that the fact is Luna rebellion was started because she felt alone and no one awake to "notice" her.
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More like Luna twigged she had been screwed over.
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"With great power comes great responsibility,"
Quote uncle Ben from Spider-Man lol
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