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Chapter 12 : Unbearable



To Love Well-wisher : Your wish well made me hurt.

You wish well to me.
You did not want me to be distressed.
You wanted me to be happy.
You did not want me to suffer because of the gossip.
You wanted to maintain my honor and my dignity .
You wanted me to have a better life .
You wish well to me .... But you never asked my opinion....never cared what I really want.

To see you made me hurt. You called me but not as a friend made me hurt.
Im always beside you. Your always beside me. But I can't love you, it made me hurt.
To know that you love me and do not love anyone else. And I love you, but I cannot love you, it made me hurt.

You loved me .... But why did you hurt me like this ... Why did you torture me like this.
Your wish well hurt me more than anything ....

And it's unbearable now...I can't accept your wish well anymore...

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