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Chapter 12 : Unbearable

By vavacung
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To Love Well-wisher : Your wish well made me hurt.

You wish well to me.
You did not want me to be distressed.
You wanted me to be happy.
You did not want me to suffer because of the gossip.
You wanted to maintain my honor and my dignity .
You wanted me to have a better life .
You wish well to me .... But you never asked my opinion....never cared what I really want.

To see you made me hurt. You called me but not as a friend made me hurt.
Im always beside you. Your always beside me. But I can't love you, it made me hurt.
To know that you love me and do not love anyone else. And I love you, but I cannot love you, it made me hurt.

You loved me .... But why did you hurt me like this ... Why did you torture me like this.
Your wish well hurt me more than anything ....

And it's unbearable now...I can't accept your wish well anymore...

English Edit by : howlingfang of FA


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😹😹😹😹 twilight
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lol in the part where all the ponies went crazy one of them said

THE HORROOR! THE HORROR John De Lancie Shocked Face icon 
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Hahaha, when Celi is pissed, everyone freaks the hell out. Gosh that's hilarious.
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"We will lose our job again!!" line, really made me smile, even though overall note of the page is kinda angry-sad.
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lol spike looks so cute here
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Lol he looks AWESOME. Cool
Icecream6789's avatar
ahahha yea he like so calm here while twilight freaks out XD
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Three levels of incorrect ideas, miscommunication, and poor execution

High time the emotion had its say.
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LOL! Twili overeacting... as per usual. XP
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well my ship is now destroyed now i have to go to the ship of discord and celestia.
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papar look what you have done dam it 
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The thing that I mostly enjoy about the "What if COMICS" is that they capture emotions so perfectly. It is simply just beautiful   
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I didn't even realize till now that Spike is much older.
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:icontwilightscaredplz: :iconsaysplz: Our Princess is in another castle! Quickly, we must place 7 toadstools in 7 different locations, we have to cover this up as BIZARRELY as possible! D: *flails*
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that twi tho :D
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I'm lost ... paper is mare or stallion ?
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shes a beautiful woman
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Love odler spike. And it was HIM, YOUR SPARKLYNES, who made the princess angry.

Poor Tia.
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even the immortals aren't perfect...
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I like that Spike in the last panel
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