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Chapter 11 : Finding The Title

By vavacung
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To Find The Title : What a former villain like me should be?

Look here are one former villain
Ready to sing for this time
Listen up 'cause here's my story
I'm gonna sing it very loud

Now I'm a princess pony
And my title is still none
Feels like the moon will never come
When my Title Name's not there
So I have to fight the fight
There is nothing that I fear
I'll have to figure out what I'll do next
'til My Title Name are here

I am the Title Name Crusaders
On a quest to find out who I am
And I will never stop the journey
Not until I have my Title Name!…


Nightmare Moon: It's good that every foal no longer fears their old nightmares anymore. Too bad I'm their new nightmare....looks like I'm not very good at being Princess of Dreams, I will have to look for a new title.

[This is a side story of To Love God - To Love Mortal. Happened after previous page.]

English Edit by : howlingfang of FA


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Jason and Slenderman be like: "The f*ck? I'M supposed to be the frightening thing here."

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nice work on the ponified slenderman and the texas chainsaw massacre guy. like it
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That's actually Jason Voorhooves...LOL
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XD Applejack is the logo for the apple cider
superiorspider-pup45's avatar
Too funny to stand!!!!!!!!
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The foals know to seek the lesser of two evils.
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Even the headless pony is scared of Nightmare moon
Ganeic's avatar
LOL xD....

Hilarious that everypony is so much more scared of Nightmare moon than the nightmares. 
TempistWielder's avatar
I can imagine the monsters all hanging out at a bar thinking "we jest don't have what it takes anymore".
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Holy crap! The green pony in the 1st panel looks a LOT like a female version of Nutty from Happy Tree Friends turned into a pony! 
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Wow, how bad was she that little kids go to nightmare-serial killers for protection? 0.o
ToonHolt's avatar
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Okay she needs much luv nao...
AuraOfTheStars's avatar
oh mur gawd, slender pony wears shoes, pfft, hahha 
ShatteredNik's avatar
Aren't Luna and Nightmare Moon the same pony? Really like the comic so far but this has been bothering me.
ShatteredNik's avatar
Uh still doesn't make sense. Not only that but I think the creator really brought that up out of nowhere and for no reason. Just what I think.
Nyerguds's avatar
Well, obviously. A lot of this is silly gags escalated to ridiculous proportions.
ShatteredNik's avatar
Do you mean that in a bad way or a good way? I wouldn't call it a "gag" because it seems as if the creator meant for this to be a serious part of the story, seeing that a lot of heartache follows Nightmare Moon in the comic.
Nyerguds's avatar
Why does it need to be one or the other? You can perfectly have a mix of silly gags and serious themes :)
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I always wonder, what with the Loveless signature on the top right ?
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Their pony name: Loveless Nova.
It's on their Deviantart homepage
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oh, okay, English isn't my strongest language
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