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Chapter 11 : Finding The Title



To Find The Title : What a former villain like me should be?

Look here are one former villain
Ready to sing for this time
Listen up 'cause here's my story
I'm gonna sing it very loud

Now I'm a princess pony
And my title is still none
Feels like the moon will never come
When my Title Name's not there
So I have to fight the fight
There is nothing that I fear
I'll have to figure out what I'll do next
'til My Title Name are here

I am the Title Name Crusaders
On a quest to find out who I am
And I will never stop the journey
Not until I have my Title Name!…


Nightmare Moon: It's good that every foal no longer fears their old nightmares anymore. Too bad I'm their new nightmare....looks like I'm not very good at being Princess of Dreams, I will have to look for a new title.

[This is a side story of To Love God - To Love Mortal. Happened after previous page.]

English Edit by : howlingfang of FA


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Freddy: OK, kid. You are the first foal of the night. Don't worry, I'm not like the human's version of me, I'm just gonna scare ya and that will be that. Wait, is this a bad time? Did I get my schedule mixed up?

Nightmare: What? No! I'm the protector of dreams.