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Chapter 1 : To Love God - To Love Mortal

To Love God : Are you ready to hurt your beloved?

Princess...Princess, I love you. But I can't love you.
Princess...Princess, You are immortal. I am mortal.
Princess...Princess, When I die you will still be alive.
Princess...Princess, You will hurt by my passing. it might even kill you.
Princess...Princess, I love you, But I don't want to hurt you...
Princess...Princess, please understand, please, forgive me.

To Love Mortal : Are you ready to hurt yourself?

Mortal...Mortal, I love you. But I can't love you.
Mortal...Mortal, You are mortal. I am immortal.
Mortal...Mortal, When you die, I will still be alive.
Mortal...Mortal, Your passing will hurt me. it might even kill me.
Mortal...Mortal, I love you, But...
Mortal...Mortal, Tis Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
Mortal...Mortal, I understand you. I forgive you. But I will not release you. I'm ready to hurt myself for short time of happiness with you...


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Angry Dislestia shippers

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This takes me back...
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Spectacular work, bravoApplaud fella (Reactions) Applaud fella (Reactions) Applaud fella (Reactions) Applaud fella (Reactions) 
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Look like an artist who needs and deserved some attention and love to meeee~


And we start right now.

*Begins to read the comic.*

Which looks divine, how long had you spent for drawing all of these pages?
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When I saw the first time this picture I was already thinking that in your story Celestia loved that guardian and on the next page there was it's reincarnation. :) I understood it in the first time. It was a wonderful, yet a sad story... I know that everybody have also sad moments, not just happy ones.
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I just read the story again from start to finish... And cried again at the end.

The artwork and Vavacung story writing is so great, awesome, fantastic, and more! I can't wait to read the next story To Love Alicorn!
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1- i want pdf version of this comic, 2- i cant wait for sequel, 3- does not bother me but acording to "the journal of the two sisters", alicorns aren't immortal, but just have a long lifespan. fyi
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1. I'm lazy. 2.I'm lazy. 3. We don't use that theory here.
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1. i know 2. i know 3. i just wanted you to know
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Y know that that book is not canon right?
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never said, only implied XD
could've sworn i found a tweet posted on EQD saying it was cannon
Draxeid's avatar
Was said by who?
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omg i read the story and is a bit like one of my oc`s
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:iconinloveplz: This picture!!
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wow this is amazing
I am reading this after keeping up with Crazy Future for quite a while, because clearly, that is the proper order.

To live ever alone in fear of future loss; truly that is the path to madness.
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Well, I'm spotting a blush on the guard and from the desc it seems to have a relation with him :O
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Can someone send me the link to the fanfic? I can't find it anywhere.
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Check the artist's gallery. :-) There has to be a folder with all of it in it.
Ni. :iconknightsofniplz:
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Ha, thanks. I'll do that.
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"This day is the most beautiful... for today is the day I found my sun."
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