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[Chaos Future Side Art] Will to Live

"Will it going to destroy our timeline and re-write it before destroy it again?"

I must admit that I was plan for Sweetie Bot (or Golem) to have no soul since the very end of Crazy Future =>…

I was plan it even before Undertale was release to the world. But somehow  the concept of her just so close to the concept of Flowey(… ) from Undertale. A creature without soul. And it even close to the game SOMA (… ) . The game that I never play or know about it before until someone told me that I reference to it...

Mmmm...So fortuity...
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I think Sweetie Bot already has a soul. It kind of shows when she betrayed her masters and saved everyone. If that is not an example of someone having a soul, then what is?
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Watch Space Oddysey 2001 And you’ll find out. Hal makes it very clear what it’s like.
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A soul is nothing but a code with in your brain that determines you as a character and the whole mythical aspect of ones soul is nothig but a myth told by the ignorant ancients to explain the world.

A Synthetic being that has consciousness has a soul, whether you like it or not!
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Can you upload Twilight seperately without all the stuff ontop? Looks fucking majestic.
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The robot, or the flower?
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aww omg 030 sweetie bot watering a " flowey " awww
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It will become a wondrous treasure that should be cherished.
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I smell GlaDOS logic... 
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This is what happens... it grows it's own soul
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And what will happen when it becomes more human than you?
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Sans: in my experience, that always leads to a bad thing.
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That reference when Asgore is watering the dandelions...the flower Sweetie is even Flowey!
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Hee. Great reference :D
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wow, amazing. wish i could get a version with just the picture of twilight in the window, she looks pretty awesome.
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Some cultures believe that the soul is a driving force of being, so if a being were to gain the will to live, it would create its own soul.
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Well that's dark.
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Aww, Sweetiebot's so adorable I want to squeeze-hug her! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Daww so cute! ^.^
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Uh oh...

= Heart appears =…

If that golem is equiped as im imagining it... This WONT end well...
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O_O FLOWEY, you're all thinking of it don't lie 
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