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Chaos Future 61 : The Curse

"I take your father's curse to myself. So he can be free from his cruel fate in cruel world..."


Warning : This story takes place 100 years after Rarity dead. This story base on season 4. So anything that happened in season 5 will have nothing to do with this story. (Except how CMC got their cutie mark. They have canon one)

Warning : This story's an alternate universe and is really crazy as hell. It crazy until crazy word isn't fit it anymore. It's become chaos now...

Warning : a lot of 4th wall breaking and referencing. Sharing universe with "To Love God - To Love Mortal" and "To Love Alicorn" but in the future and more crazy. And a continue story of "Crazy Future"

Warning : Don't take this story too serious or you might get headache from overthinking....

Warning : Few number of love(Comments) might make comic page take long time to complete...


#FirstChaos Future 01 : Sweetie Belle
#PreviousChaos Future 60 : The Undead
#NextChaos Future 62 : The Punishment
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So who was her father? Or you didn't make it? You just make the character for the story without any name?

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So she lied.....
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Dude, i would never undestand the Dark Souls lore
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i feel like Little AJ might go rough after this terrible backstory
Can you even fuck with another person inside a game?
eldegron's avatar
it is not a game is a universe that resembles a game
CyberSearcher's avatar
Dude, I'm pretty sure you can and if you can't, do you seriously think that'll stop anyone on the internet form trying?
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Cruel mercy, but it is more than most Undead recieve...
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the real question we all should be asking: Is AJ a Sunbro?
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"Your father sacrificed so much of his life... to BECOME HUGE!"
Well, that's the end of the story of the death of your father. He died bit by bit, by a multitude of weapons, over the course of years. It's not clear that the death of his body is even important; it seems he was already dead by then.
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"He became insane, and he tried to kill the very one who swore to protect, me"

You might want to rephrase that. (Maybe change "who" to "he"? Or add a "he" after "who"?)
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wont be long before you go hallow AJ
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I don't mean to sound perverted (I like all of vavacung's work) but the thing I noticed more then anything else about this page is Applejacks ass
Alanalot necrophiliac.
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Jesus Christ, My Little Pony. Lighten up!
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Roll credits 
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omg... that is actually so sad, and the faces sell it so much more than the should...
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The sword thing though, took his sword and shove it upon his chest, sounds like in Homestuck Vriska took Tavros' lance and shove it in the center of his chest, right through the hole of his sign, same thing here I guess, oh shoot, I swear if AJ is gonna have the same fate, Little AJ have to do the same thing her mother did to her father, the daughter will kill the very one who raised her, her mother, if that will ever happen with AJ though.
Prepare to die, and die, and die again...

This comic became really dark really quickly, but I like it.
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Wow grownup Spike and his daughter Sparity haven't appeared in this comic in 8 months!!! O_o

I wonder how their gem hunt is going?
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