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Chaos Future 26 : Living Corpse

"Dark power keep me alive...I will die if it gone..."


Warning : This story takes place 100 years after Rarity dead. This story base on season 4. So anything that happened in season 5 will have nothing to do with this story. (Except how CMC got their cutie mark. They have canon one)

Warning : This story's an alternate universe and is really crazy as hell. It crazy until crazy word isn't fit it anymore. It's become chaos now...

Warning : a lot of 4th wall breaking and referencing. Sharing universe with "To Love God - To Love Mortal" and "To Love Alicorn" but in the future and more crazy. And a continue story of "Crazy Future"

Warning : Don't take this story too serious or you might get headache from overthinking....

Warning : few number of love(Comments) might make comic page take long time to complete...


#FirstChaos Future 01 : Sweetie Belle
#PreviousChaos Future 25 : Harmony Bar
#NextChaos Future 27 : Run Away
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I had kinda wished it was true and that harmonizing her would kill her. That there is a price to pay for her power and eternal youth in that she can never mix with the powers of harmony again.

No no no no no NO NO!

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If i was in the situation and i happened to take control of NR: *uses powers to momentarily freeze her, run to AJ and wait for LAJ to come AND FACE HER MOTHERS WRATH* hehehhehehehe Doge troll emote Troll!!! Celestia hates Luna Opalescence 
I greatly approve of this strategy,  
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Are you sure that explanation was really needed?
TheSteadfastDuelist's avatar
You don't watch much anime do you?
marinus18's avatar
sometimes. As far as I know manga also usually doesn't have this.
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This is your second chance, thou shalt not waste it especially these cases IRL and in this comic are very, very rare and extraordinary
I hate to say it, Rares, but you've managed to be overdramatic about a meaningful possibility of your own death. That takes some doing.
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This is gonna be a long term problem I think.
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Why not say that out loud instead of just thinking it? Might end this fight quicker if LAJ knows that.
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How can we sure evil speak the truth? How can we sure if it isn't villain pretend to be good and ploting evil plan behind?
ChaosDX1's avatar
I dunno. I've never been Lawful Good so I never cared.

So I'll take your word on that.
Prepare your chestnuts, gurl!!
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Stop this Little AJ !!
But she's LV. 19! She's almost there!
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Guess she will have to send her to the moon.
liuhyhung123's avatar
then she'll live the bat pony then
with nighmare moon
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I have a feeling lil aj will get grounded if she keeps hurting her 
Terrortheslayer's avatar
Just make a shall around you and little AJ can't hit you.
askflarethelitten's avatar
nuuu! stop it little aj!
This is very bad, AJ we need your help now. Your friend is in danger now!
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