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Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do 42

"My Queen, They are not under mind control..."

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Pointy Ponied in story was borrowed from - Check him out!

Background was borrowed from……


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It was at this moment she knew, she f*squee*ed up
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:lmao: if that tail was anymore between her legs, it'd be a beard! :rofl:
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Wut a twist..!  ^_^

In the last frame, Chrissi is wondering if she's getting stoned &/or mooned ...
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Ummm, Chrysi, Teleport, NOW
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All Royal Guards: STOP! You violated the Law! 
For some reason I picture Celestia broadcasting Morse code on her horn.
Jumped the gun a little there, didn't you?
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Run Queen. RRUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!Twilight Sparkle (Run) 
Changeling Scout be real jealous of mah ride, too. Ah be cruisin' on em.....
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Dat face in the last panel. 
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Hopefully the scout will persuade them no to be too mean to her. >.>
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It was at this moment that she knew, she fu*ked up
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That last panel. The expression is just so funny!
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Damn, foiled again!
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I feel sorry for Chrysalis now
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Chrysalis: Hahaha! Now Equestria is Mine!

Celestia: In your dreams.

Chrysalis: ...wait, what?

Thorax: I...probably should've told you this earlier, My Queen, but...they're not under mind control. They never were.

Chrysalis: ...Wait, WHAT?!

Celestia: *giggling* Oh~ Guards~...

Chrysalis: ......*Krillin-style whimpering*...wait...what...?
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How did the guards get there so quickly without anyone else noticing? It's like they all were just waiting there for Chrysalis to enter. Either they are being very proactive with their job for once, or someone saw this coming. But only a tactical genius cou-

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Since there's no dialogue I wrote my own:

Chrysi: Hey Sunbutt, gimmie your crown and throne!

Celi: Uh, no.

Chrysi: Huh?

Thor: I didn't use my mind control on them because I wanted to be friends with them instead.
Chrysi: U w0t m8

Celi: Imma call the guards now

Chrysi: Im gona get raped D8
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The find details are ALWAYS important.
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