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Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do 26

"One male who will harvest all apples for you while reading"

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Pointy Ponied in story was borrowed from - Check him out!

Ponyvile Street was borrowed from…

Sweet Apple Acres Background was borrowed from…

Apple Trees was borrowed from…

Apple Buckets was borrowed from…

Apple was borrowed from…


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LordArcheronVolistad's avatar
Those is some serious and weird skills. That changeling is awesome, nuff said.
renato098's avatar
Jimmy-The-Hedgehog's avatar
Well that's convenient...
WorldWalker128's avatar
He's not very good at reading an walking.
JT5000's avatar
how collect apples, level Changeling Scoutt
RaingThunder's avatar
Me while playing Pokemon GO
carno231's avatar
Wow... Is he good...
omnimon11's avatar
Reading Changeling Pinball.
leebk201's avatar
How d' ya like them apples!? Huh, AJ?
Alexgamer987's avatar
Myself while playing with my 3DS
SuperCrystalHedgie01's avatar
How come that Changeling hasn't been attacked severely yet?
he is a different changeling :v
he is a Reader changeling :v
Luckysweep's avatar
I must admit that this exact thing happens to me while I read a good book.
DragonMan200's avatar
Now that's a hard head, considering how much force we've seen AJ use to get the same results.
SuperCrystalHedgie01's avatar
What happened to Rarity?!
NirvanOTerrivel's avatar
I understood that rarity is the changeling that hit the trees to bleed the nose :v
SuperCrystalHedgie01's avatar
zfragger's avatar
She got overloaded seeing a stallion version of AppleJack. Think of it as like you seeing someone attractive and you become overwhelmed with feelings of them. In most cases you just freeze and/or speak jiberish until you have enough time to process the feeling. In rarer cases you bleed through your nose and/or faint.

This would explain it better.…
SuperCrystalHedgie01's avatar
Is it just me, or did I see blood when the Changeling looked like Applejack?
zfragger's avatar
Just you. Rarity only erupted after she saw stallion Applejack.
videogamehunter's avatar
Well. Today work is done. LOL
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