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Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do 15

"It's seem like that you stuck at mesosphere when you was trowing out of Canterlot and just fell down to Equestria in the next day outside my house" - Fluttershy

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Pointy Ponied in story was borrowed from - Check him out!


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Cierto, tiene mas que Fluttershy.
Jos3lol's avatar
7u7 exacto mmmmm 7u7

espera.... Es macho no?? D':
JT5000's avatar
Si... peo ya sabes lo que dice el dicho... es mas rico.
Jos3lol's avatar

Ahora que lo pienso no hay problema, se puede volver hembra :v

Así que si 7u7
renato098's avatar
x the power the Luna xD
dbzgirl9's avatar
omgurd i see the yamcha ref
JT5000's avatar
What the hell? Yamchangeling? xD
carno231's avatar
If this is another dream, I will stop watching this... Cause this gives me a huge! Headache...
DaemonBomb-Inc's avatar
Why does this comic remind me of Super Mario Bros 2 for NES
KawaiiMichie's avatar
I wonder what happens next..*heads over to the next page*Bye..
Daralydk's avatar
yes... it doesn't make sense
...but it is hilarious
...not much to say about it, but speaks for itself :-D

it is interesting breather after all that stuff that force you to really think
WorldWalker128's avatar
Changeling, this is the part where you say thank you.
So...everything that happened up to this point was a dream?
TapionVirgo's avatar
Why fifth panel remind me of Yamcha death when Vegeta and Nappa come to earth?
mariox357's avatar
It is a reference 
i think fluttershy is a changeling .... jk i am so insane 
Clarity83's avatar
ViperSwan's avatar
Nope, it was a dream!
Clarity83's avatar
but she was so cute *cri*
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