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Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do 12

"I dream that I dream that I dream..."

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Pointy Ponied in story was borrowed from - Check him out!


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Bruh, that is going to be confusing as heck!

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Let him read his book dont be rude wth
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It was nice dreams.

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So changeling had a dream where Celestia took him home to her castle then dreamed that Celestia had a dream where they married and had a kid and their kid married but then he dreamed that he got out from bed to the royal archive to read then dreamed that he watched daring do at her newest adventure and took care of her fever. Then everything woke up. 
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WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! Nooooooooooooo *insert Spike*
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Me rompió la cuarta pared :v

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BWOOOOOOOONG!!!! Infinite Patrick Infinite Patrick 
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it was a dream of a dream of a dream of adventure
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a dream inside a dream inside another dream
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what? it was just a dream?
sinff sniff
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INCEPTION! IS a conception of one's Misdirection in a Composition that leads to a interaction of a special Commemoration that would end with a Revelation.

*mind explodes and falls down*
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Me: ??? Well that is a mindful of fuck! *Head Exploded*
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The ultimate Dream-ception!
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This is some Inception s**t here! Yo dawg, so I heard you to dream. So we put a dream in your dream that your dreaming in a another dream, so you can dream while you dream as you dream in a dream!
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Soooo...the Changeling was dreaming that he was taking care of Daring Do after following her around on her adventures after she knocked him out for reading her drafts, but it turns out that the events that led up to him being knocked out was just a dream as well, and he woke up still cuddling with Celestia, while she was dreaming of having a life with said Changeling...but then it turns out that Celestia never actually took him home with her, because that was all just a dream as well...?

...Ultimate MindF***.
A dream in a dream and within another dream I remember having one of those as a kid freaked me out cause I didn't know if I was ever gonna wake up
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WAIT, WHAT?! So, it was a dream, within a dream, within another dream within the actual dream?! Man, my mind hurts because of the mind blow that happened in my brain..
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