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Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do 09

"Why waiting for new book to publish..."

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Pointy Ponied in story was borrowed from - Check him out!


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renato098's avatar
Le encanta leer a este chico xD
Jos3lol's avatar
Jajajajajajajaj es cute :3
carno231's avatar
This: Seriously...
TheBlindOverseer's avatar
KawaiiMichie's avatar
Hey dude, no reading spoilers!
goldensteve's avatar
omg this is funny to look at lol
MadCrow553's avatar
Ha! OMG, when are they going to notice each other?!
Also, NOW he's reading quickly. Jeez.
goldensteve's avatar
weel the bok did change from blue to purple.
LW9510's avatar
If RD would see her there with the almost complete story....
that last part got me good xD
Hopeligh's avatar
Okay now HE knows what happens in the next book. What'll he do when it's published?
lol he finshed them all 
GingerAutumn's avatar
-slowly moves over- o3o
Telaros's avatar
Looks like she can type as fast as he reads. xD

Looks like our changeling friend has found his calling as a Proofreader. Celestia will be heartbroken.
angelicoreXX's avatar
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
What happens when he finishes all the books and the drafts? :?

...Maybe he'll go on adventures with Daring Do to experience the new adventures first-hoof? :noes:
Now that would be an adventure to read. Also a nice fan fiction idea.
blackbelt1st's avatar
I would support such a fanfic. 
firecharge44371's avatar
get pun pony into the scene
Nyerguds's avatar
haaahaha. Finished all published books, straight on to the draft :XD:
Just make sure not to get the pages out of order. She's pointedly ignoring you know, but she can lay a smackdown on you if you give her a reason.
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