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Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do 07

"Love will find a way...For a goddess who fall in love with books addict Changeling"

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Pointy Ponied in story was borrowed from :iconzacatron94: - Check him out!

Background was borrowed from………


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why is the changeling reading a book?

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But in the same time, congratulation?

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So is luna basically the priest now
Yeetnoodlewrites's avatar
2nd panel just makes me wonder what in tartarus os going on
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I want to believe this silly dumb comic inspired you to reincarnate Celestia's lover as a drone and that somehow this wedding will sort of actually happen in the To Love / Crazy series.
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Ahahaha xD, god is very funny and cute, i love x3
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Jajajajajajajaja LMAO
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Esa melena... no puede ser. Me tomo tres años darme cuenta, ¡Pero esa melena es de Molestia! ¡Celestia era su madre!
Jos3lol's avatar
Ahora lo sabemos :'3 aunque claro las alas de changeling y que no sea "traviesa" no haría válida está teoría, pero por lo de su aspecto de su melena y que se parece a celestia,......

En pocas palabras la extrañamos :,,,,v/

*C va a iorar en una esquina*
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Debo buscar material dedicado a ella.
Jos3lol's avatar
Existe, pero lo encuentras en páginas secretas de la ONU :v
JT5000's avatar
No en mi guardia.
Jos3lol's avatar
Es que los de la ONU me hackearon la PC junto con mis memes, por eso te digo que tenga cuidado si quiere buscar esa info :,v
Jimmy-The-Hedgehog's avatar
Well. this is weird... really weird
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Love is going on my friend! Roger Roger 
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how long/ good is that book, and can i borrow it afterwards?
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YEA sure wait in line
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Whoa wait just... What???
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