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Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do 01


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"Don't underestimate the power of Daring Do book. Nothing can stop you from reading it. Not even the power of true love..."

//Just want to try making a comic in pointy style....

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Pointy Ponied in comic was borrowed from :iconzacatron94: - Check him out!


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JAYO230's avatar

The changeling's interest to Daring Do's story had so much power, it kept him from being thrown out of canterlot! XD

Jos3lol's avatar
Doctor Hooves it's changeling :o
nightshadowmlp's avatar
The Doctor the Changeling.

That's gonna be hard to explain to a certain companion...
That's some good book. 
Crescent-Minor's avatar
Oh, that's hilarious. He doesn't even know what happened. He's just going to sit there until somepony sees him and starts screaming.
PacificGreen's avatar
So Dr. Whooves was a changeling?
Swarley180's avatar
*Power of Love hits changelings* 

Changeling: *Reads*

Power of Love: *Stops to see the changeling* Ummm power of love.  

Changeling: Umm, yes?

Power of Love: I am pushing all Changelings away. 

Changeling: I know.  That plan was stupid from the get-go.  

Power of Love: said i am pushing ALL changelings away. 

Changeling: *Holds up the book* Power of knowledge beats love.  

Power of Love: DARN IT, Why does my brother get all the attention.  *Runs away in tears* 

Changeling: *Goes back to reading*
LadyNevande's avatar
Oh's me. It's gonna be awkward when he's questioned about this. "And where were you during the changeling invasion?" "What invasion?"
Pokebreeder25's avatar
Why doctor whooves why not a costom pony 
lordmep's avatar
Ooh. Just started reading this and it's already got a very nice hook.
oh wow that is so funnie 
alexwarlorn's avatar
The barrier didn't smack him out of Canterlot.
DestroyMare's avatar
Uhhh..... Yeah... We can all see that.
gillspar's avatar
Changeling Scout don't care 'cause he don't give a shit. XD 
Luckysweep's avatar
I wonder why that changeling isn't thrown off with the rest of the group.
Vipelierre's avatar
Because books.
Don't ask.
TechZeroPyro's avatar
Well, you have to understand.  The Changeling IS resisting with the power of True Love.

Who can blame him?  Daring has some fiiiiiiine flank.
phinha1996's avatar
On that day... No fucks where given!
Seems sensible enough to me.
templar127's avatar
LOL! Most intriguing book!
WorldWalker128's avatar
this deserves an SFM video version.
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