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[Changeling Book Side Art] Celestia's Dream

"I don't know if that changeling in my dream is real or not. But it is a good dream" - Celestia who happened to sharing dreamscape with (Former) coma Changeling

//Side art of comic "Changeling scout and the book of Daring Do"

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Princess Celestia and the changeling scout are so cute together! ^_^
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Какие симпатяги)
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Is this a fanfic or something?
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Please tell me this is a sequel to….
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No!!! That is a commission! Not my story.
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Gee, no need to yell. My ears hurt. :)
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I agree that this is extremely cute, but I have to ask something. This whole "couples reading together" thing has been around for a LONG time now, and I understand the appeal, but has anyone ever managed to actually pull it off without a hitch? It's just that, as someone who reads a lot, I've become rather efficient at it, (ya gotta be to knock some of those books out before the Library's due date. :P ) and I just foresee too many issues for it to ever be a thing. Reading speed is, of course, the first of these issues, where if one person is significantly faster at reading than the other, the faster person is always stuck at the end of the page and forced to wait until the other is finished, which puts more pressure on that person to read quicker, leading to broken immersion for both parties. Positioning is also an issue to bring up. Perhaps it's just me, but I'm just simply not comfortable reading something that's off to the side or not perpendicular to my line of sight. It's even more possible that this one is just me, but my last big concern is vocal reading. I'm not talking about people who unintentionally read out loud, (though I know they exist, and could pose another concern) I'm talking about audibly reacting to things that happen in stories. As I've said, I read a lot, and I get very invested in those stories. Invested to the point where I'll literally laugh out loud if someone makes a joke, or gasp if something unexpected happens, or groan if something perpetuates further, or vocalize whenever I have an epiphany. These things, I can imagine, would be rather irksome to others reading alongside me, especially if those people either are not or can not read at the same pace as me.
Again, I can totally see the appeal. I would love to read an awesome novel or an old classic alongside a significant other. Though, because of the points I've brought up, I just don't see it happening. If anyone reading this has actually managed this before, please shed some light, I'd really appreciate it.
Alright, sorry for wasting yer time. Nerd, out. 
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There's a lot of factors for whether it "works" or not. I've never had issues since I'm something of a cuddle addict and speed reader. I easily get ahead, then just enjoy the snuggle-time till the page gets turned.  I also don't have any trouble reading straight-on, at an angle, or upside-down so position has never really been an issue. (Additionally, I can't think of a single time I did this with a book I hadn't already read, which makes keeping focus even less of an issue.)
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nwn, nice to see this drawing, excelent work vavacung
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Excelente dibujo, realmente me gusta tu estilo de dibujado
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Did I every say I love your art?
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Changeling scout is one of the cuter changeling based comics I've seen on the internet.
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