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Changeling And All Kind Of Books 06

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"Fine clothes make fine Changelings"

Warning : This story is really none sense!!!

Warning : This is a sequel of…

Pointy Ponied in story was borrowed from

Credit :………


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Dezd7Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Changling:What is going on i can't see!?
Twi/Spike: OH SHIT!?!!
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Fuzzinator23Hobbyist General Artist
The- XD, I can’t stop laughing!
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Last one   XDD   What the hay  XDDD
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oh my at the last XD
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me: rarity i think it be wise you don't try that for what if word gets out

rarity: oh my goodness your right it could ruin my reputation as a fashionista

me: right so either resist it or at least tone it down after all you don't also want to anger twilight for causing nightmares to spike

rarity: good point by the way why are you here

me: doing a favor of delivering new books to the library even to return this *pulls out a book with the title "basic to expert guide of blacksmiths"* i was trying to see if i could learn a few new things on blacksmithing so i could either fix or make a new chestplate armour
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I don't think that changeling agreed to this.
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God damn it Rarity, don't the Mannequins you have are humiliated enough?
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carno231Student Writer
Samurai Jack
Sex toy...
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Huh, so we have a McCree changeling now. I'm cool with that.
That last one though... O_O'
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gmrnNOStudent General Artist
poor changeling on the last one. Bad rarity *hits her with newspaper*
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I think the Changeling is lucky...
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KawaiiMichieHobbyist Artist
XD That last one! Bahahahahahahaha!!!!
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*You hit her with newspaper*

Rarity encantada "Can you do it again? 
Rarity wants  "Can you do it HAAARDER?

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Soon as they're alone, Rarity will command that changeling to transform into an adult Spike. That should hold her over til the dragon himself is eighteen.
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austin123456789Hobbyist Writer
He's actually already older then that, Hes only five years younger then twilight, and sense shes twenty six that makes him twenty one.
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ShinjitsuForeverStudent Digital Artist
Rarity, I swear, no!
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ToastyTopHobbyist Digital Artist
*sprays with water*
bad horse
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Rarity wants  "Yes, I am bad horse. I need you to show me how to be a better girl."                                                                                            

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ToastyTopHobbyist Digital Artist
twilight sparkle mlp (oh my god) plz...
 twilight sparkle (hmm...) plz
  twilight sparkle (smile evil) plz 
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