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Before Heart Warming

Snowfall Frost : It's only time that I could date with Spirit Of Hearth's Warming Yet To Come
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oh, this reminded me of a really shocking scene in a version of A Christmas Carol: when Jacob Marley leaves, Scrooge looks out the window and sees HUNDREDS of ghosts trying to talk to people who can't see or hear them!
-it's the one where Patrick Stewart played Scrooge.
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Not all ponies can see spirits ;3... excelent art my friend

(by the way, my sinceres apologies, my work has kept me from DA for a while and i havent been able to watch all your awesome art, but i will watch it as soon as i have time)
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so sweet he waits all year to be with his SSP for a day just to spend time with her
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yes ...yes it did
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are you going to continue this? Cause I'm pretty interested on how this two ponies met.
I can only imagine that there's quite a story behind Snowfall getting the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet to Come to be less serious.

And it's a story he's never going to tell me.
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Wow, that's interesting to see when Snowfall talks to the spirit but Snowdash sees nothing. :o
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Snowfall Frost is male, right?
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The fire of friendship was an awesome concept, why have they not returned to it in the show.  
Hehe, why don't you call her Future?....
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Now that would be quite interesting. How does one date a spirit?
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Love your design for the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Future.
LOL! I love this!
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Finally! I was waiting for someone to do this!
The real Snowfall Frost! And it's done by vavacung! Epic Double Win!

But damn, the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet To Come looks really tame here.
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This is going to make things awkward when they they start to get intimate.
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Somehow, the image of Princess Luna and Starlight Glimmer doing this is just SO WRONG. :P
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Do I feel offending that Rainbow Dash playing a dude in Hearth's Warming Eve?

Look it up.
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Nice 👍👍👍👍
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Snowdash: Ah well, time to let the boss be declared insane and cash in on his money!
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Mannequin called, they want their cliche back.

Wouldn't it be cooler if people DID see the spirit?
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She is so beautiful.....
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