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[Art From Song] My Past Is Not Today.



"Once upon a time. We made a mistake."

Inspiration from this song ->…

Loveless Nova : You're never gonna bring me down. You're never gonna break this part o-

Sunset Shimmer : Wrong song!!!

Loveless Nova : Oup! My bad!! Again!

Loveless Nova & Sunset Shimmer :
I may not know what the future holds
But hear me when I say
That my past does not define me
'Cause my past is not today!
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Loveless Nova singing with Sunny makes me think of this fanfic I read called the Freeport venture in which Sunset gets a changling as a surrogate lil'sister many years before coming to canterlot high.  I imagine if they ever meet again Sunny and her pal would be like this. ;3