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[Art From Song] Mother Changeling

Inspiration from this song ->…

Dear Queen Chrysalis

Today I had one final exam. But your song always ringing in my head. It's repeat again and again. It made me can not focus my mind on my exam. So I draw this picture for you and hope the music will not ringing in my head again...  

Your loyal friend
Loveless Nova
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Even though Queen Chrysalis was a total bitch to the ponies, I like to think she does care for her subjects. All she wants is to feed and care for him. That is what a good ruler does. I don't like one-dimensional villains. Maybe that's why so many like her. Her character can be expanded upon. During two season finales she expressed that she did everything in the show for her subjects as well as herself.
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Aww, that's so cute! :3

I don't see much art inspired this song so it's a real treat when something like this comes along. ^_^
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Oh, very nice. I loved the song, and it's always good to see Chrysalis's softer side, too; in the end, after all, she was just trying to provide for the changelings entrusted to her care.
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grate song and some grate art
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Daaaw! She's so cute! Meow :3 
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Just one question: where is her horn growing from? o_O
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This is cute! I really like the soft painting style.
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Did it work? From what I've heard of the song, and what happened to me after, no amount of offerings can make the slow waltz of the changelings end.
SteelShoe16's avatar
*bows before Queen Chrysalis*
"My Queen how might your servant serve you" 
Chaoslynx1989's avatar
the cute side of Chrysalis is too much to handle *feints*
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Very beautiful picture :)
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HNNNG! That is just TOO CUTE :3

Beautiful work, on all of this ^^
Arya-Jaeger's avatar
Cute! (◠‿◠✿)
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