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[Art From Song] Generosity

Inspiration from this song ->…

Kingdom Heart Style!
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Rubyfire377's avatar
ohhhh I love this pic
HcmarioTheGumbreon's avatar
Wait the kinda means like vanitas and ventus, xD they hate each other
JazzyTyfighter's avatar
Or you could interpret the Vanitas/Ventus Station as they are a part of each other? Hmm?
HcmarioTheGumbreon's avatar
Yeah darkness and light so spike is darkness? o.o xD
JazzyTyfighter's avatar
Greed and generosity! Opposites attract! Tee hee!
HcmarioTheGumbreon's avatar
so spike is greed? :o xD
JazzyTyfighter's avatar
Well, he did go through a crash course of puberty and greed in "Secret of My Excess."
diamondtron01's avatar
Sweet Celestia, this is beautiful.
Tarascus101's avatar
Oh so special. This will be amaizing on a window glass.
gumballkitty's avatar
This is beautiful! Tears +fav Heart  
schneelocke's avatar
Awww. Aren't they the sweetest couple ever?
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Seems like it, so yeah.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
A wonderful pic.
Windspeed8's avatar
Aaaww yeah spike gets some wings then gets the girl
lzsmith88's avatar
i love these stained glass things. this looks great, nice work!
kxp71's avatar
hate this ship, but not going to lie this looks very awesome =D
metalsystem761's avatar
Your spike looks awesome I so want that in the show
neoaustin's avatar
i suddenly want someone to encorporate the fire ruby into a keyblade design for one of these 2
Nex189's avatar
Dive to the heart... So who gets a keyblade here? Haha just a joke. It looks really nice.
geoice's avatar
I play the song and saw this pic at the same time and with my mind I saw it move with the music. Awesome pic i love to see this on the show.
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
Aww,I wish this was slowly spinning.
The wings are a great touch for the Dragon man.
Rarity looks so content that she could be the Buddha of Pure beauty.
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