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[Animated] Water Dragon

By vavacung
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"The King in the Mountain appeared. The battle of fate had begin..."
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I'm looking for the button 'Spare' and 'Pet'
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wow! Vavacung, you never cease to amaze me
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Act->Dance-> Dance of the Dragons

You dance an ancient dance referenced in some books you read. It is said to help in gaining the trust of those who seek peace.

I wish this was an option but I'm still trying to catch up on so many things XD I try and can only say I was creative right? :P
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Talk with him/her?
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Where is "PET" option? Dx
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if undertale has taught me anything, pet is somewhere in the ACT button
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Holy sheeeettttttt, Undertale just got better XD
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Act -> Hug -> Dodge ->(repeat steps 1-3) Mercy -> Win
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Act then Mercy if possible
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Act for now. The objective is to collect data, so doing any real damage to the dragon is probably just extra.

Cool Undertale reference btw. Thumbs Up 
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Just trow poke ball.
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YES! Love Pokemon!
Pokeball Wub Not-So-Simple-7 used a pokéball. *Shake* *Shake* *Shake* *Water Dragon's Cry is heard* Gah! It was So ClosePokeball Wub 
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Gotta catch them all!
AduroTri's avatar <---Music because you mentioned something in the Artist comments.
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I think I'll use both Act and Item. "Hi, I'm selling nice leather jackets like the one I'm wearing..."
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This guy looks badass.
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My thought's exactly.
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Ali: Undertale reference... Use saved! Save the Dragon Asriel
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