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My Life As A Short Dragon : Father Day Special by vavacung
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[Reward Art]  The Bug Horse And The Human by vavacung
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My Life As A Short Dragon 32 :iconvavacung:vavacung 429 73
[Reward] Confront by vavacung [Reward] Confront :iconvavacung:vavacung 402 28


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The Gif I Like And Love

The Last True Changeling

The Adorable Side Of Princess Celestia


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Loveless Nova (Pony Name)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm not good with English....I'm really really not good with English.

So, I'm sorry if I'm not talkative or did something wrong.....

I just don't know what when wrong...


Commission status : Close

New Commission info :…


[Pay What You Want] Second World [Adult Content Art Pack]

Second World Vol 01 :

Second World Vol 02 :

Second World Vol 03 :

Second World Vol 04 :

Second World Vol 05 :

Changeling Selfcest :


My Life As A Short Dragon : Father Day Special
"My Life In Alternative Reality"

Not long ago. It’s holiday in my country. It’s a father day. So I decide to do something in father theme. It is the suggest of any father character patrons know in MLP that they want me to draw him make love with Barb(Female Spike) which Flurry Heart’s father became the winner!

Barbs is an adult. But only few people know about it because her short status fooling them. (her small size cause by lack of meat and greed). And ever since she hit puberty. She start to male around her in the new light…Something she didn’t notice before…

This is a new content for $20 patrons. Seeing how unfair for them that the difference between $10 patron and $20 patrons is only naughty comic. This content will be post in Tuesday of each week.

Naughty Version can be found on Discord Channel. You can check how to gain access to it from here.…
The Adventure Logs Of Young Queen Set 156
"Juctice or vengeance?"

This is a little event I come up for all my patron to have some fun. It's a story of young hybrid pony-changeling who try to find her father.

This is "Your Decide Picture series". Or I call it "Comment Driven Story". All of patrons will decide what happens in this story.

If you don't know what is "Comment Driven Story" See this "Moonstuck" as the example

This series is free to read for all of you in every time it reach 2 pages. But if you want the chance to comment and decide the action of young queen. You can join by being my patron. "All" of patrons can join this event. Even you give just 1$ per month you still can join this and get early access on this series!!

Have fun to watch my young queen journey. Everyone! XD

My Patron :


First :  The Adventure Logs Of Young Queen Set 01 by vavacung

Previous :  The Adventure Logs Of Young Queen Set 155 by vavacung

Next : --- Coming Soon ---
[SFW Comic] World Destruction Final
"The true last boss appeared"


Warning : This story’s an alternate universe. The world, the character and the lore may difference from the canon show. Example : Twilight is stallion in this universe

Warning : This story having RPG theme. But it also have slice of life as main tag. So please don’t expect any serious fight or adventure.

Warning : This comic will be post in every Monday and Thursday of each week. Except said day is holiday in my country.

Warning : Few number of love(Comments) might make comic page take long time to complete…

Warning : You will get the continue of Chaos Future in next Wednesday. But Patrons get to see this comic 3 pages ahead of public watchers.…


First :        [SFW Comic] World Destruction Cover by vavacung
Previous :  [SFW Comic] World Destruction 59 by vavacung
Next : ------ Someday --------

[Reward] Verix Obolisk
"Do you need some biohazard in your life?"

This is a reward for King Of Changeling patron. It's the character cardof the Black King himself.
Hello, dear watchers. I don't have something very important to announce you and I believe you will not be happy to heard it.


It will not be release to public as Pay What You Want like my Second World art pack or Changeling Selfcest art pack.

This isn't a cover art for this incoming art pack.

Collection 01 Cover by vavacung

In this art pack. It will not have 20 SFW and 23 NSFW version of all My Life As A Short Dragon we have so far!

And special for art pack version. It will have 15 Futa edition too. Something that even my patron ever seen before!!

This My Life As A Short Dragon Collection will not be release soon in this month!!

I hope you not happy with it!! XD
Hello, everyone. If you read my previous journey before. You will know that I stop making comic just to working on PMV project at the moment.

[PMV Project] Queen Hunt
I plan to make this PMV for a very long time. Keep dreaming and planing it in my mind. But I never have enough time to work on it. Until I finally decide to
put "Chaos Future" on hiatus for a while just to make this PMV come true.
And this time, I'm going to make a PMV (Pony Music Video). The name of this PMV is "[PMV] Queen Hunt : Shining Chrysalis Alternative Story ".
This PMV will present the alternative event of Canterlot Wedding!
This PMV Using  MV : Witch Hunt 
from the vocaloid song as the inspiration!! :D (Big Grin)
Thought, the process of this project still be only 1% (Only cover that done).
So it will take some time for me to complete this and show it to you. ^^

But there have a change in my plan. That PMV will be put on hiatus too (and might continue it again in far future). 

Because there have another PMV I'm eager to make it first.

Thought, this time. I will not tell you which song I will use. Because I want to surprise you, for the sake of first impression.
But what I can told you. This PMV will be an event that happen in Crystal War timeline. (From Cutie Re- Mark episode)
And it will be a story of these two. XP

Teaser by vavacung

I hope you will like it when it come out! >w<

Choose the story you want to read for this month. [Chaos Future and To Love Alicorn still not available...] Deadline : This Wednesday 

299 deviants said [Red Long Comic] World Destruction [2 pages per week]…
203 deviants said [Color Picture Series] Destabilize - Sweetie Bot Story [1 art per week]…
202 deviants said [Pointy Comic] Changeling And All Kind Of Book [1 page per week]…
186 deviants said [Color Long Comic] Goddess of Life X God of Dead [1 page per week]…
134 deviants said [Color Short Comic] Alternate Ending - Velociraptor Blue Story [1 page per week]…


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SwedishPen Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant

When I was considerably younger I discovered your comic "To love God To love Mortal". I remember that at the time I also did a bit of roleplaying on a Roblox game that let you make your own custom OC. So I made Paper... Though I messed up and made her a stallion, and the colors were off.
In short, this Paper became a whole different character than what I had intended. He became something more than a reference to a then little known comic. 
He became his own original character...

Basically, what I am trying to say is thank you.
If it hadn't been for you I never would have started writing characters like I do. Nor would I have had my interest for writing and emotion based stories.

Thank you so so much, I absolutely love your art and the stories you make.
You are a great inspiration to us all! <3

Much love and many thanks,
rpstnoonisk Featured By Owner 5 days ago
May i ask if there were anyone else from China asked for your permission to translate new series of Chaos Future?If not ,may i get it?
ThatAverageGuy Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2018
howdy again! hey just to say that your art are stories are really good as always and also the big question , any nws on another second world volume???
davidspyro Featured By Owner Edited Nov 22, 2018
Im really enjoying your My Life as a Short Dragon series,my fave ones are as follows,Ember,Eris (Fem Discord),Zecora,Tempest Shadow & Daybreaker,I hope you do more butt shots of them in the near future,also laugh as Spike continues getting hilarious & ridiculous reactions from them! XD

Plus to be on the safe side,I'll watch ya. :)
tygrus Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018
how's the changeling book hunt going?
it's been a while since the last update
Xeogran Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Student Artist
Hello =)
I still love your "Legends Next Door" comic, and like to come back to it from time to time.
Just thought I'd let you know.
link408zelda Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018
I just wanna drop this off here and see what you think of my commission of a samurai changeling.  Commission Prey Striker by HowXu
GalaticX-Studios18 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
hello :3
Yob-Emag Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
why most of your comics have red ink?
LittleSlimy Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Vavacung are you alright? Your gallery is so silent and I worry ...
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