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Junkers 6742-4

Hi Guys,
So here is the second one I made. It's part of a desktop project that will follow later.
The Junkers watches are german handmade from quarz to mechanic. And I will start with the Horizon series. They are inspired by aviation horizon instruments.
The gadget has a full working second hand and date. It will work on Win 7 as a stand alone gadget and on Vista as a sidebar gadget.
So download and enjoy if you like. Description and credits are in the readme.
Critiques and suggestions are welcome...
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Wowww, very cool gadget. The only issue is it is a battery eater gadget. Very poor optimized.
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Hi Wirwing,

thanks, it's based on a sidebargadget, these are all optimized little gadget for Vista and 7, so I think they don't really need mutch power. I never seen a batteryissue on my laptop with or without my clockgadgets, but maybe on others...

Greatings Tim
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very good gadget.

Could you do a version of this for rainmeter ?
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Hi Kiriyama,
thanks for the comment. I know what rainmeter is but haven't work with it a lot, so I have to figure it out first...