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Black Skin for Rainlendar

This is my first skin and it is a little change on the glossy german skin for the Rainlendar it' called Real Black Glossy

I've just changed the colour of the buttons so they fixes better to dark backgrounds. And I removed the little arrowsigns at the bottom of the skin. So I think now it's better for all the dark gadgets and stuff that's on the net...
Hope somebody find it useful...
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Thank you for the skin, it's what I'm looking for; Simple, and sufficient.
I really dig your wallpaper too!

Great skin !!

Can you also made the same skin just in english :)?
Please tell me whereI can find the wallpaper !!!
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the wallpaper was made of the Fallout 3 titelpic. I made it by myself.
So if you give me your screenresoloution, I'll make one for you...
Bro i want the wall paper, please; when you can send me one.

My resolution was:

1024 X 768 pix

Thanx !
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Can you update the skin?

I copy the folder into "skins"

but Rainlendar says it's an old skin, here's latest version of Rainlendar


I really want to use this skin
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Hi bombninjanaruto,
I just saw your request today. I've downloaded the new Rainlendar 2.7. The old one was made with 2.6 on a win xp 32bit. Now I use now a win 7 pro 64bit and it gives me the old version message,but it works like before and correctly. So I don't understand your problem. See the pic below, maebe its a system problem? What Win have you runnung?

hay Guys,
How to install that ?
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So you get it right at last,enjoy it. If there are questions left just ask...
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best skin I've seen - wish you could make one with English titles
I am American German - with a lot of cousins over there, but I cant speak it. lol
Either way very cool
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Oh, excuse me I had been in russia for a trip, no internet there.
I tried to do one in english but I havn't found the original font that match with the others so that I can edit it in Gimp, but I'm still seeking. Have a look later.
For the moment here are some links to something similar in english:
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yeah this one looks really good! just minimal and nice!
i ll try it =)
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Thanks for the note. I'm glad you like it...
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It' nice to have some comments here. If you download things the authors are happy to get feedback...
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Thanks for share, great!
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Thanks for the comment,it's nice to get feedback...
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