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Royalty - Kona

By Vatina
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Kona from the Bella Sara Royalty set.

They wanted me to draw a character portraying strength, which I enjoyed very much. I love drawing strong characters like this one.

Bella Sara © Hidden City Games
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Wow! I have some Bella Sara cards, I'm happy I found you on DeviantArt!
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Nice :D Glad you like them!
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this looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This looks so close to my style of drawing. I love this card!
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omg, i love kona. and i am talking to the person who made him, he is my new favorit bella sara card. i have been colocting the cards ever scince the firt series. could i try drawing him for extra credit in my art class?
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I'm happy to hear that you like Kona, he is my favourite too :)
Sure, I don't think you would get any trouble from drawing him in your art class.
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thanks, i might post it up hear soon, but when i showed my teacher she said i should make a biger version of it and enter it in an art competition as long as there is a reforence. but i do not kow. so did you make the other kona card?
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Yes, I also drew Kona in Bellas Ball. I need to upload those pictures here too, but have been busy lately.
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that is ok, i get it. when my mum found out that diffent people make the cards, she told me to try. i tolder i would not be good anuff to get them in to a card. do you mind if i add the tail to him on the picher i am drawing of him. that way it is not completley copyed?
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Yeah, you can do that. I guess it will be alright as soon as you don't claim it as your own.
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i will not do that. i repect peoples work.
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That's good :)
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So your the one who have drawn Kona. I love how you have drawn him.You made his look beautiful. How did you become one of there artists? Because I would like to do that myself.
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Thank you, I'm happy you liked him :)
They sometimes need new artists at Bella Sara. You should just try contacting them if you're interested and show them what you can do.
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Your piece has been featured in my journal [link] Amazing piece
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Thank you very much for the feature :hug:
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I love the concept of this one :)

I wonder how the end of the tail looks like..
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Thank you!
Don't worry, you'll get to see that later ;)
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Love the Zebra contrasting with the blue of the water, very bold. :aww:
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That is a Win if I ever saw one before
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Thank you very much :D
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