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Thurian Map - Hyborian Age of Conan The Barbarian

By Vathelos
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The new map of the Thurian Continent (Hyborian Age) is my first work of that kind.
This has been my current hobby.
Created in the Photoshop.
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Amazing job, Hyboria is easily my favourite 'fictional' world.

Late to the party, but this is amazing work. It's been my go-to map for my Hyborian Age RPG game.

Out of curiosity, what font did you use for the labels?
It's truly a wonderful map!

It instantly rekindled my interest in Conan. I was only familiar with ~1932 REH's hand drawn maps. I'd like to know more about how you came up with your version.

You've mentioned a more advanced revision back in October 2014. Are you still working or planning to do anything with it ? Frankly, I would love to have a printed copy of either version.
This map is amazing! It's a great inspiration for me.
Thank you!
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Thank you for your words!
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It's beautiful. I love how you colored this.
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Thank you my friends!
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Two Gun Bob would be impressed.
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I  admire your attention to detail.
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Fantastic work good sir!
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Very well done....I will spend a lot of time going over this...I grew up (fixed and limited definition of growing up) reading the Conan books....never wanted to see the movies, the pictures the books placed in my mind are too precious.  
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Thanks, Duane.
I learned a lot of what I know about my language through the comic books - not just of Conan -, and only much later I had contact with the stories that gave rise to the character.
I think the movies a secondary hobby.
No doubt the books are incomparable because you quoted: " the pictures the books placed in my (our) mind" are unique and magical memories.
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And on the topic, I think these maps would be a great addition to the REH-Conan group:
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Thanks for the tip.
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Very nice work. But what's Yamatai? I don't remember that name from any of the stories I've read. Was it one of those post-Howard additions like Pathena and Meru?
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tks, Spartan198.
Yamatai is an post-Howard addition made by Roy Thomas, and is part of a story that I really appreciate: The Witch-Queen of Yamatai (see: SSC 194 (February, 1992).
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This map is just so cool!  The detail alone is inspiring.
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tks to appreciate
Wonderful map, so much details :)

Can we hope you put the file online so we can download it? I'm looking for a map like this for years for my pen and paper rpg table

(excuse my basic english i'm french ^^)
Wonderful !!! Very Nice ! Awesome ! Huge ! Surprising ! Beautiful !
Is a french version possible ? 
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Thank you, friends.
And it's good to know that this work also serves to stimulate our return to our good reads from the past.
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Magnificent piece of work. Makes me want to go and reread my Conan books. :)
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