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WMP11 Shellstyle for Vista

By Vathanx
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So, Windows Media Player 11 Style ShellStyle for Vista Aero :)

This is my shellstyle for Vista visual style :) I didn't like vista's original so i made this :)

You just need to replace shellstyle.dll in Aero VS folder.
If you're not sure how to do that there's help file in the zip :)

Okay, hope you like it as much as me :) Enjoy
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thanks it worked a lot. i am so grateful, now i can make my friend jealous because of the themes. as i have said before, i am grateful.
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Permission to port to Seven
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Not a problem! Not much to port here anyway...

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Dude its an awesome shell
i like it alot
but pls can u tell me how do i get my orignal shell back?
And yes u are not like others who does not reply back to any1's problem
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Thank you :)

Have you backed it up? If not the you need to get it from other copy of Windows Vista.
Take a look here: [link]
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tQ very much :)
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Dear Vathanx

u dont need this theme all u need is truetransperancy.exe
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whats da pw for da zipfile ??
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hey love this one....^_^ is it all right that i have this theme??? ohh i dont know how do u set it up...thnxs
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can you use this with a copied aero folder or do you have to use the original?

I did it with a copy, but the transperancy is gone.
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i am new here and i dont know how to download it please can any body tell me??please...
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with ur style my vista works faster and looks better but I don't have aero :/

(Basic :[)
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thx also for "barr"!;-)
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I made it exactly how you wrote in the "fast help", but it doesn't work... please help me.
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What's wrong? :)
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After I replace the new shellstyle with the old nothing is going on...
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Log Off then Log On - it should work then :)
If not, then restart the computer :)
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I've done this but it doesn't work any way.
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What version of Vista you have?
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Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit -_-
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