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ShadowStyle ShellStyle

By Vathanx
110K Views stylish design...

--> ShadowStyle ShellStyle :D

Officially I didn't plan to release it... But some people wanted it, so i though why not give them what they want :P ;)

If you like dark colours and have Vista -> this is for you!

Hope you'll all enjoy this :)

By the way... this screenshot shows more details...
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can you teach me how to make the software work.....i don't no how to make it work......add me in facebook.....syaz uan......or ...NSSZ_SYAZWAN@YAHOO.COM
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Hi there!
I have been using your shellstyle since it's release on my Vista and always loved it...
But now I am on Windows 7 Professional 64, could it be possible to convert this one for Win7?
You could really make my day because I hate those blinding spots in my exlporer ;-)
Cheers, mooq!
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what's the sidebar skin you're using?
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It's the default :)
thanx..respect! :)
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hey man, if i wish change the color only the bar under the address bar and not the details bar, it's possible??
can you tell me please how I do that?
what part of shellstyle.dll file I have to change??
please help me with that, thanks
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Hmm... 1.txt, it's an xml file actually.
The values you're looking for are at the bottom, everything what belongs to "folderband" :)
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Wow really nice!

just saw a tiny little bad detail though, the bar to the left in windows like personalization and the control panel isnt replaced they are the standard vista one and really dosnt fit in, would be so nice if that could be fixed
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This can't be fixed, as this what you see it's only a shellstyle file :) I recommend you to look at this [link] :)
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yea, i would use that but there are some strange areas like the white folders and some not very fitting white in the open/save dialogs as i remember...
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White folders? :?
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might have formulated that bad... you know the folder view in the explorer beneath the favourite links
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Very nice. In the FAST HELP doc, you forgot to mention restart your computer. I was waiting for it to work... XD
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Thanks a lot :) and restart it's not neccesary :)
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Wow! Thank you very much.
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can someone please make a similar shell style for xp??
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wow its look great thx
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=\ Shucks. Great work nevertheless dude. One of the best I've come across.
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I want this in XP!!!!!! I'll do anything. Be your slave. Give you candy. Smell your underwear. Anything!!! Just make this one for XP!!!! Please!! I'm begging you!!!!
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